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Garret’s 5th Grade Music Concert:)

28 May

So, we got to see Garret sing Wednesday night for his 5th grade music concert!  It was really wonderful…his music teacher just put on a delightful show, and Garret had his 5th grade buddy to help him stay focused throughout the show.  We truly enjoyed it, and here are some pics to depict the night:)

Sneak peak of Garret before show starts:) His music teacher is in red...she really put together a wonderful, organized show!

Gage and Pa goofed around til show started:) We miss you, Ma!

Grandma got to watch too:)

Mike and Kris awaiting the start of the show:)

Steve and Gage look so cute with their hats as they wait for the show to start:)

Garret sees all of us sitting together and I love how he waves...:) Of course, we are all waving technically first:)

This is Garret's 5th grade class...each class sang separately and then all of the 3 5th grade classes would sing together:) Side Note: As I type this Elvis has decided to lay directly across my arms as I type this...he doesn't care:) As long as he doesn't start typing! LOL:D

The show is over and the hustle and bustle of the kids finding parents begins...

...he finds us!!!! 🙂 Everyone just can't wait to congratulate him!!

So cute...Gage and Pa walk down the hall of the school and then all of a sudden Gage gets an idea...!

"Hey, Tom, sit down!"

"I'm Number 1!!!"...Gage and Pa proceeded down the hall and Gage LOVED being on top of his shoulders:)

So many kids told Garret on his way out of the concert, "Great job, Garret!". They were so genuine and we can't say enough how awesome Schoolcraft school is for building up kids no matter who they are! We thank the Lord for that! Action shot of Garret leaving the school and going to crunch grass:)

"We love you, Gage! See you tomorrow!"

We wave goodbye after the music concert as we are behind Mike and Kris with boys. Can't wait to see you tomorrow we say as they drive ahead.

Now if you want to see a video of one of the songs with Garret in it I will put on Facebook, but still haven’t updated my blog to do videos…soon:)  In the next day or so I will post pics of Presley and Girls on the Run…neat experience:)





No Glory, No Guts!

24 May

Be warned…these photos ain’t pretty…:)

I so wish I had my camera out on the boat...then the sun was shining, the clouds were magnificent, the sky was blue, the water was beautiful, and the Rock Bass were biting:)

So, the only pics I got are these lovely, gorgeous shots of…


...and more GUTS...this fish had a whole...

...Crawfish?...Crayfish? it! EEEEKKK:)

Like I said, NO GUTS, NO GLORY:)  Fishing is so worth the catch and the cleaning…!  So, I guess it’s really No GLORY, No GUTS:)

A Young Man and A Young Man’s Best Friend…Gage and Denver:)

19 May

Gage LOVES Denver…there are not words to explain this.  Gage over the weekend asked me, “Sarah, I was wondering if when you get older you would, well, would you give Denver to me…when you can’t take care of him because you are old.”  Yes, Gage’s words:)…I was honest.  Really honest…I mean…the truth be told…Denver is going to be gone before I’m old – I mean like the “old” Gage is thinking.  I will have to take bereavement leave…Denver has been with me longer than any man…like years and years…so, I told Gage that Denver will be gone sooner than that, but that I love that he loves Denver and I love that he feeds him and helps me take care of him…this seemed to help him…then Gage felt the need to change Denver into a General?  I think:)

I love you, Gage, for loving Denver too:)

A Young Man and A Young Man's Best literally...their relationship is the cutest...if he could take him to school I think Gage would just love it!!!

My Favorite Verse To Get Me Thru Running! :)

11 May

This is my all-time favorite verse…I remember loving it as a pre-teen even, and it’s carried me through me running even now:).

2011 Kalamazoo Half and Full Marathon!

9 May

Yea, we’re awesome:)  Amanda, Jill, and Melissa (all the way from Gaylord Melissa came) and I ran the half-marathon in Kalamazoo.  It was also the 1st Marathon for Kalamazoo and just really neat for Kalamazoo.  I believe 47 states were represented at the race and the atmosphere really was just fun and exciting! 🙂

We woke up early in the morning...Jill and Amanda were at my house by 5:30am and we went to pick up Melissa who is the sister-in-law of a dear friend of ours, Kate:) This was Melissa and Jill's first half...!

It was early when we arrived...we walked to the event area...the grass is wet with dew (which froze our toes as we ultimately were in the grass)...I was adreniline was pumping and my body was telling me that by having me go to the...

...the porta-potty like 4 times before the race started...maybe it was only three times, but Jill was relaxed at this time...Melissa felt great...and Amanda was doing well as well...

...though Amanda and I both know...TRY! At least try:)

Ok, a little personal, but hey, I’m being honest:)

At 6:30am they had a church service on site and I just really had to listen and it was so worth it...just a really to the point but encouraging message, and while listening I saw these...

...the coolest shoes ever! 🙂

Then Steve arrived and Amanda was able to take a picture of us which turned out so cute:)

Then he took a picture of all of us ladies together…

US!!!! The time is getting near for the...

...START!! (Yep, Santa Claus ran:0)

There truly were so many people and it took about 8 minutes to cross the start line from where we actually started.

We really felt great...we knew we had a lot ahead of us, but man, we were here...we were running...the sun felt's Mother's Day...and we rock! 🙂

I look like a freak:), but who cares as you see signs like this and even if they are technically for someone else they pump you up...


If you’re running this or a full…you need this:)

Bands played at different parts of the race to keep us pumped...

...I personally enjoyed some beautiful trees right in the city of Kalamazoo...

...we're still going strong...!

We head into the city of Kalamazoo...

…and we see…yes, our lovely friends…

...Jim and Julie:) Julie came out even though she is pregnant and going to have a baby beyond sweet is that?! Thank you Julie and Jim!

We then, after seeing Jim and Julie, went through the outside Kalamazoo Mall, which I learned was the first outside mall in the US in 1949, from a pace leader...think I have that correct:)

Another musician playing for us...thank you!

I tried to get some runner's in the reflection in the you see me? 🙂

Ma and Pa, I thought you'd appreciate the name of this business as I passed it running...we love Mount Rushmore, yes?! We know we do:)

Can't forget the local schools supporting the runners!

Melissa feeling great running...:)

I have a large forehead, but still feeling great running:) Self photo...should I even post...ahhh...who cares...this is reality...:)

So, we get to this bridge...IT WAS SHAKING...just from runner's running...a very weird feeling as your just about or just past the half way mark!

Just a good picture of runners:) We're about to head up the "FIRST" was steep...I really felt like - UGH...

...but we saw Jill's husband and beautiful two children...and Steve's mom, Barb...his sister, Shari, and her daughter, Presley...I thought I was taking a picture of them, but I hit a button that switched some setting and got nothing...hold on though I got them at finish line!

The hill was seriously tough!

Soon after we saw some yard art...Nascar Fans take note...yea, it's Jeff Gordon's car:) Gotta love it...well, I do because I like him and I like Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth.

We then had some local churches supporting us! We're getting there...I'm thinking we're in between 11 and 12 miles now:)

Melissa's hitting the race just before 12 miles:)

We make the second hill and we are literally about a mile away from finish...

...the end is in sight...!

People were really sweet to support us coming in to the end…

I see the end!!! Do you see Chr and Travis? 🙂

Do you see Barb, Shari, Presley, and Steve:) ! Seriously how great a pic is that:) What support!!!

Amanda's Mom here to cheer us on!!! 🙂

I'm there!!! Yea!!!!

Melissa totally rocked...done:) Yea!!!

Amanda is hitting finish line and rockin' it!

Jill finishing now...she rocks!!! 🙂

Jill and her husband and son (her daughter with aunt)...we love your support!

My KS and I just happy to be done and enjoy rest of day!! 🙂 We rock!

Amanda's family...on the far left is her mother-in-law, who came all the way from UP and then the far right is her mom:) Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's:) Thank you, Chris and Boys, for supporting us too:)

And, we cannot forget our friends (Jill’s sisters, Nancy and Kelly (hope I spelled your name correctly), and for Kate, Travis, and Melissa’s husband and son, for supporting us.  My parents supported us with moral support from Ohio and I want to say a BIG Happy Birthday to my brother, Russell!!  I love you:)

What a Full Weekend! :)

1 May

We had a jam packed full weekend…it started out with Garret’s first soccer game of the season – they are up to having 18 kids now on the VIP team…quite a few more than last year…all kids with disabilities, but with spirit that is contagious:)




Doing some more drills...

Games about to start...and Garret's ready to...

...almost there...

...SCORE!! 🙂

Garret scored 3 goals again, and we’re now working on teaching him to pass the ball.  He loves, loves to score and after some coaching and some consistency over the next few weeks I think he will get that he can score and pass the ball:)  He’s very eager to score, but also eager to please and I think does “get” the concept to share the ball so to speak.  All the kids on the team are really just wonderful and it was neat seeing more come out to play!

Gage was lucky enough to have a friend over for the whole weekend…Kody…the child of a very dear friend of ours:)  Love you, Ruthie:)…so,while Garret was playing ball they were…

...running around with shields and swords playing "warrior"...

...climbing trees...

…and, well, just being boys:)

I got to do some landscaping...added mulch to the front...Steve and the boys helped me load it all in the truck at the store...Gage and Kody helped me pick out some bushes and grasses...I'll try to remember to add a picture in the future of their growth. I transplanted my rose bush too...I pray that takes.

I like it simple and like things deer don’t eat as we have quite a few on our road…

...I love my tulips!

We had some more fun…

...on stilts...drywall or painting stilts:)

The boys hamming it up:)

And, we also made…

...POPCORN over the fire:)...the boys absolutely loved this...more butter next time though;)

Hope each of you enjoyed your weekend:)