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26 Jun
Going through a drive-thru is 2nd to none in Gracie's eyes:)

Going through a drive-thru is 2nd to none in Gracie’s eyes:)

Look at my sweet, sweet Gracie…distracted one moment and giving her full attention the next.
In life we are easily distracted – with good and bad – including intentions.
Stay focused and keep your eye on the end goal.
KNOW that no harm will come to you if you stay focused and excited to make the decisions that make life better.
Take a moment to read the verses above.
That second verse is a PROMISE to those who seek Him!
He’s protecting you if you only look to Him.

Are you looking to build a better financial future for yourself?
Then stay focused on putting $20 a day into savings.
It’s easy to get distracted by making excuses and blaming your circumstances (and people) for what you think you should already have.

Are you looking out for the best interests of your children?
Then stay focused on the goal and take steps to ensure they receive the best.
It’s easy to get distracted by promises made and then broken.

Are you looking for better relationships in your daily life?
Then stay focused on speaking kindly to all.
It’s easy to get disgusted by those who slight you, the know-it-allers, the belittlers, the one-uppers, the prideful, the “button pushers”.

Are you looking to walk closer with the Lord?
Then stay focused on the goal and take time to read the Word, listen to praise music, fellowship with other Christians.
It’s easy to be an island with no visitors.

In the daily walk of life…
He’s NOT going to let you down!


It’s a Jungle Out There!

24 Jun
June 2014

June 2014

Have you ever been in the midst of life’s “jungle”?
You can’t see the sustaining river of life right behind you waiting for you to take a drink.

Are you working to clear the jungle out of your life?
Or are you sitting in the midst of the weeds, ivy, and other undergrowth
waiting for it “just to disappear“?

Are you making effort to clear the view?!
This means getting into the thick of the jungle
…yup, it means reaching out to someone you might not really want to reach out to…
… it means not thinking bad about someone first, but seeing the good they have to offer…
…it still means not taking the defense towards someone…
…it means taking the scary steps of trying something new…
(with work, with school, with kids, with ex’s, with friends, with choices period).

If you aren’t quite seeing the river…read the verse above again.
The Lord “will even make a way in the wilderness”.

I’m an eternal optimist by nature…it takes a lot to upset me…I guess it’s because I try to keep my view of the river clear.
It’s because through prayer, reading the Word, being sorry for my mistakes, seeing the good in people…
the Lord has always helped me clear away the undergrowth.
Sometimes the river view gets blocked,
but when I actively begin clearing the view…
…by looking to Him…
…reading the Word…
…reaching out to others…
…by praying…
the view becomes clearer…the river quenches my thirst…the Lord sustains.

Be positive today…when you want to get mad…be glad:).

When I Walk Through Woods…

18 Jun

I love how cool a forest is…
the canopy of leaves protect from a hot sun…
…the rustle of leaves soothes as they dance in the breeze…
I love how the Psalmist in the verse gives us a visual through his words of a forest singing:).
Next time you travel through an enchanting forest take notice of the trees swaying to the music of the wind….
Pause and listen to the groans of trees adjusting their limbs.
The trees are alive.
I think it’s cool the Lord created such a tapestry for us to enjoy:).

A Pop of Color!

2 Jun
Flowers in my yard - June 1st and 2nd of this year

Flowers in my yard – June 1st and 2nd of this year

I love when flowers bloom!
Colors pop against green foliage.
Bees buzz resting on petals.
I read quite a bit this weekend in between housework.
Listening to birds singing.
Bees buzzing.
Sun soaking.
Michigan…my home:)