What a Full Weekend! :)

1 May

We had a jam packed full weekend…it started out with Garret’s first soccer game of the season – they are up to having 18 kids now on the VIP team…quite a few more than last year…all kids with disabilities, but with spirit that is contagious:)




Doing some more drills...

Games about to start...and Garret's ready to...

...almost there...

...SCORE!! 🙂

Garret scored 3 goals again, and we’re now working on teaching him to pass the ball.  He loves, loves to score and after some coaching and some consistency over the next few weeks I think he will get that he can score and pass the ball:)  He’s very eager to score, but also eager to please and I think does “get” the concept to share the ball so to speak.  All the kids on the team are really just wonderful and it was neat seeing more come out to play!

Gage was lucky enough to have a friend over for the whole weekend…Kody…the child of a very dear friend of ours:)  Love you, Ruthie:)…so,while Garret was playing ball they were…

...running around with shields and swords playing "warrior"...

...climbing trees...

…and, well, just being boys:)

I got to do some landscaping...added mulch to the front...Steve and the boys helped me load it all in the truck at the store...Gage and Kody helped me pick out some bushes and grasses...I'll try to remember to add a picture in the future of their growth. I transplanted my rose bush too...I pray that takes.

I like it simple and like things deer don’t eat as we have quite a few on our road…

...I love my tulips!

We had some more fun…

...on stilts...drywall or painting stilts:)

The boys hamming it up:)

And, we also made…

...POPCORN over the fire:)...the boys absolutely loved this...more butter next time though;)

Hope each of you enjoyed your weekend:)


2 Responses to “What a Full Weekend! :)”

  1. Mom May 2, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    As usual an awesome job. Trouble is getting you in the pictre with everyone. It truly is a grand time being together just hanging out, no money involved, right?

  2. d. strouse May 2, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    Good scoring, Garret!!! Great job:) Gage, it looks like you had fun with your friend:) And the yard looks great! The tulip pic is so beautiful, love it!

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