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Take a Load Off!

28 May
Sunday, May 25 - Grand Haven Beach/South Pier Area

Sunday, May 25 – Grand Haven Beach/South Pier Area

“Ahhhh!”…I was enjoying a much needed rest after a long day of fun in the sun in this pic:).
It made me think of verses that directly speak to the Lord providing rest to us when we need it most.
And, not only does He provide physical rest…
…like maybe when your boss gives you an extra long break at work when you weren’t expecting it…
…and, not only an emotional rest…
…like maybe when your mom or mother-in-law says she’ll watch the kids for you while you catch up on some much needed “me” time…
…but, also spiritual rest…
…like, opening your Bible to just the right verse that speaks directly to a need you have,
or reading just the right devotional that helps you face a tough situation,
or hearing just the right praise song on the radio that lets your heart sing thanks to the Lord for all He has done for you!
So, be in tune with the Lord…look for those little moments He provides rest to your body, heart and soul!
He is our Salvation and our Rock.
Rest in Him! 🙂


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

23 May
Muskegon River - My Other Favorite River

Muskegon River – My Other Favorite River

 I pray everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!! 🙂


Nature Lover by Heart

22 May
White River, near Whitehall, MI...One of my favorite fishing rivers and places to go to see God's beauty!  Truly I love that river.

White River, near Whitehall, MI…One of my favorite fishing rivers and places to see God’s beauty!

I love the last part of the above verse…”And God saw that it was good.”!
Can I say, “Amen!” to that?! 🙂
I think it’s so cool the Lord took time in those 7 days to create so much beauty in each and every animal.
The animals of the air…
…the land…
…the sea.
I mean, really?
Who can say God isn’t creative?
Every time I turn a bend in the rivers I’ve fished,
…the creativity, the beauty, the uniqueness of animals I see – amazes me!
Even in the creatures I see over and over.
It’s such a treat He gave us these to gaze on.
I get so excited as I sit still, look, and listen on the rivers.
The animals, fowl, and fish are so diverse…so pretty.
He created all of that knowing we could “see” Him in all that He created.
Take time in the next few days to just bask in His awesomeness through the creatures around you.
And, Happy Memorial Day Weekend coming up!
I plan on taking some more pics of creation:)
God is good!
All of the time!
Don’t forget that.

My What Big Ears You Have!

19 May
She hears what she wants to"Treats", "Walk", "Ride"...:)

She hears what she wants to hear…lol…”Treats”, “Walk”, “Ride”…:)

The Lord repeatedly says in the Bible, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”
How many times are we like my little Gracie though? 🙂
She hears but she doesn’t listen.  She hears but she doesn’t add it to her bank of knowledge.
She just keeps on doing what she wants to do.
She hears the “fun” stuff.
She doesn’t heed the instruction nor the correction (not nearly as much anyways).
So, do we have the ears to really hear the Lord and heed what He tells us in His Word?
Do we push aside the instruction and correction?
Here’s a gentle reminder…
Take heed!…
Take to heart!…
Store in your heart!…
…the calling of the Lord on whatever He is telling  you.
Don’t disregard the instruction – because in the midst of that He could also be sending you encouragement to lead!
Don’t disregard the correction –  because in the midst of that He could also be sending you strength to make changes!
Don’t disregard the call for reflection in your own life –  because He could be giving you the patience for others in your life!
Don’t disregard the call to just be still now –  because He could be preparing you to lead later!
Open His Word.
Take in.
Then act!

Refreshed by the Word

15 May
Plants in my yard...May 14, 2014

Plants in my yard…May 14, 2014

I am always, always refreshed by the Word of the Lord!
Rob and I are attending Harvest Bible Church in Spring Lake, MI and the pastor’s words (both pastors) are always like the verse above –
“dew on tender plants”…we are renewed each time we hear the Word!
And, the church I attend here in town is the same way…always refreshing – quenching the thirst in my soul.
It is always so neat to find verses in the Bible that illustrate exactly how you feel:)
Pretty cool that if something is laid on your heart you can open the Bible and feel the Lord give you verses to “back-up” those thoughts.
The Holy Spirit is in us to reveal the power of the Lord in our lives.
The Lord is good!
Tap into His Word…what will He reveal to you today?

God Didn’t Disappoint…

13 May
Muskegon State Park - May 2014

Muskegon State Park – May 2014

I have found there are so many promises to us from the Lord given to us in the Bible.
It is awesome to know when we declare these promises the Lord delivers.
We oft do not even ask for the promises He freely speaks of to manifest in our lives because we sell the Lord short.
Our human minds put the Lord in a small tiny box…like,
“Well, Lord, (sigh) I know You are good and you want good things for me, buuuuttt, well, (sigh) if you can just kind of give me a decent day today…even just a half way decent day, I will be grateful.”
When we should really pray,
“Lord, I hold onto to the promise that you will supply my EVERY need (Philippians 4:19), and that I need not be afraid as you are always with me  as you promise in Psalms (118:6).  I will not worry as you directly tell me not to in Luke (12:22) for you will take care of me, as you even take care of the sparrows (Matthew 10:29, 31), and I am worth way more than that!  Thank you, Lord, for being with me daily…minute by minute…second by second…let me continue to seek you!”.
I challenge you today…are you getting into the Word to really even know what the Lord’s promises are to you?
Open that Bible.
Read just a couple of verses…then a couple of more.
It’s a road that leads to peace and joy!
Start asking for those promises.
He’s waiting!

Blurred Lines…

7 May

VisualPeople don’t always see us as we are.
Time is needed to clear their hearts to see our character.
They see us as the picture on the left…we see ourselves as the picture on the right.

After some reflecting, I see that while they figure you out, the Lord knows our hearts immediately and He sees us for who we are ALWAYS!  Now that is cool!  🙂

The only way they will see you as you is to be consistent in your attitude, your behavior and your actions!

In addition, don’t lose sight on what God values first and foremost, as the verse states.  What others value as important isn’t always the same in God’s eyes.

Let’s put ourselves in other’s shoes as we get to know them.
Be kind always.
Give people a chance.
Don’t compete against them.
Work with them.

Life is short and extending kindness is most important:).

Love you all…:)