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There are Good People Still! :)

23 Mar

Steve and the boys stopped at Speedway before he dropped them off at our daycare run by one of the dearest people I know, Cyndi.  As the boys scrambled to pick out their favorite treat, Steve came to the realization he had left his wallet at home:(…oh, what to do as the boys are now patiently waiting at the counter to purchase so they can dig in to their tasty morsefuls?!  Steve runs out to the truck thinking he may have just left the wallet there…as he is scrounging around the boys come walking out with their food.  “Oh, boys, no…we can’t just walk out of the store with those because I haven’t paid!”, Steve says.  “Dad, we can!  Some girl just paid for us.”, Gage states.  “Who?!”, Steve replies.  “I don’t know…she’s gone.”, came the reply back.  Now, isn’t that just the sweetest?!  Gage then states, “There are good people.” :).  Steve and I agree:)  Love that boy:)  Plus, who could resist a good lookin’ boy like this who is patiently waiting for his food…

Garret reminds me of some of the guys here at work who on Fridays dress in Hawaiian shirts for like a casual Friday look...always gives you a feel for fun in the sun...he has his cool shoes on like my brother wears. See that, Russell? I love how Garret is so independent in putting his outfits together. Sometimes you have to try to guide him in certain directions, but half the time he has better fashion sense than me:)


Happy Birthday, Steve!

3 Mar

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Steve, Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

Still lookin' hot, Babe:)