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A little taste of our Florida Trip:)

30 Jun

So, I took at least 600 pics in FL, so, right now I’m just going to post a little taste of our experience:) Β Here we go…

We said goodbye to family and friends...thank you, Amanda, our dear, dear friend for driving us to the airport and picking us up!! We love you!!!!

We took our seats...(the kids were AMAZING on the plane)...

...and flew into the big, blue yonder!

I have to say being in the heat with Palm trees is so much better than heat in MI:)

What can I say? I love Garret's smile:) Waiting for rental car...

...and then we were on the road...these were beautiful trees at the first toll booth we had to go through on the way to our lovely...all week we just saw beautiful nature!

We arrived at our place and what kid wouldn't want a jungle right out there back door?! πŸ™‚ Of course, us adults were just thinking of snakes, spiders, and that there must be BIG bugs back there...

...yeh! BIG bugs like this!

...but mainly we just chased those little, cute lizards that are all over FL:)

We visited Universal Studios Islands Adventure which is connected to...

...we saw Universal Studios!

We had nice people take pictures of us:)

We visited SeaWorld!

Seriously, the animals are just amazing! One of my favorite places I remember as a kid:)

We went to Disney World!

I remember this ride when my parents took me to Disney World when I was in first grade..."Hi, Barb and Presley:)". Gage and I were in a car and Steve and Garret were behind them.

Cute picture of Barb and Presley:) We're walking to the haunted mansion, which, I remember too from when I was younger. I remember being a little scared back then, but as an adult - no way - LOL:D!

When the kids were misbehaving on the trip we just put them in here:D LOL!

We loved the roller-coasters at all the parks!

A little weird taking pics on roller-coasters even though this was a tamer one:)

We went to Daytona Beach! It was so fun to be in the ocean!

The kids loved finding ocean creatures of all kinds! πŸ™‚ Who wouldn't smile at this joy you can see in their faces...I love it!!! πŸ™‚

We fed alligators in Daytona...

...the kids had their pic taken with an alligator:)

We were a little wired after the beach:) Good day and lots of sun! As you can see by lotion on my face!

I kissed an alligator:)

Presley liked the little guy too:)

Gage didn't think he was too bad:)

Garret got into the mix...:)

...even Grandma:)

We went on a cool airboat ride and saw...

...and saw big alligators!!!

Here's to a handsome and beautiful family:)!!

More later:)


Memorial Day Fishing and June 4th Fishing!

6 Jun

It’s so much fun fishing…the boy’s are getting into and Steve is just becoming the fisherman I love:)

So, on Memorial Day, no joke - Garret said he wanted to go fishing with all of us:) We said, "Heck yea...!" and off we went:)

Gage thought, "Hey, I'm going to put on my shirt." The sun was shining bright and we had to add major sunscreen to each boy:)

I was so excited to be out fishing and enjoying our day,,,big sunglasses help for no make-up:) LOL!

Gage found a softner sheet in his shirt and I swear this was a great find...I mean, hey, it was like a treasure because he was not expecting to see this in the middle of the lake in our, he cracks me up!

This is just part of the beautiful scenery we were checking out as we were fishing...this is the view of the "channel" from one lake to the other.

What a beautiful yellow flower!

Now Garret was getting into the fishing...he likes it for about, well, like anyone he likes it most when he literally is catching fish, but with some patience he stuck with it as we all attempted to get the big one!

And, as Garret patiently waited for the fish to take his bait, Gage, as usual, asked me questions about the world, life, science, history, inventions, school, etc. as he always does and then...

...Gage says, "I think this is the spot." Ok, so I kind of ad lib here, but...

...literally, yes, Gage catches a big Sunfish:)

You cannot get a more proud fisherman...well, ok, every fisherman is a proud fisherman:) Love it!!!!!

So, as I relax and enjoy the sun, the view, and casting out with the thought as usual that "a bad day at fishing is better than a good day work" (haha) as my dad always says....

...Garret gets a hit and starts pulling in...

...the big one!

Yea, the boys are hitting it big:)

Then we sail off to another spot...we just really are blessed to be near so many beautiful spaces the Lord has created for us!

The boys ended up catching at least 2 or 3 more fish each, yes, EACH!! How cool is that:)? Then Steve found this guy...

Ok...he had the bass...then that was lost and he got this one...whoops:)

No,'s get some on the line and then they fall off and you get the little ones...Steve's story is not over yet though!

Yea...Steve got the bass:) Just a bit too small to keep, but he did get that bass when he was with me and the boys:) The boys and I were so excited!

After all the fishing, Garret was all excited to go swimming...Gage was not so sure as yet it was so hot outside, but the water maybe not so much:)

But, before you know it Garret aaaannnddd Garret are swimming out in the swimming area and Steve and I smile on happy to see them happy:)

Gage then plays with Steve on the slide and swings...Garret did for a bit, but we all know, Garret really wants to be...

…crunching grass:)

Well, then, Memorial Day ends and after a fun Monday off we say goodbye to fun, get back to work, but we fit in a little more fishing on June 5th, Steve and I that is.

Steve gets the boat unlatched here...fixes the cooler with the worms and is ready to back 'er in, but not before...

...I see a photo-op:D.

It’s hot out…

...and Steve takes a dip quick before we head out! I love it! πŸ™‚

So, literally, we head out...within two minutes or two casts Steve catches a 15-1/2 Large Mouth Bass!!!!! So cool!!! We ended up throwing this back, but it was Steve's biggest fish to date to catch and this same day he caught 3 baby, one 20 incher, and one 24 incher, but he threw all cool is that? We weren't sure about the Pike regulations, so, that's why he threw back and I didn't have camera then.

Here’s the baby pike…

No that's the Bass...'s the baby Pike:)

Seriously, fishing is so much fun!!! Β We are so blessed to have the boat to enjoy this family and couple time together!

Girls on the Run!

3 Jun

So, last Thursday Presley participated in the Girls on the Run 5k after 10 weeks of meeting each week with her GontheR group…Barb assisted the coach each week…

...and she encouraged the girls on the day of, as well as, being one of the best cheerleaders for each girl who ran:) Here the whole stadium warmed up together.

This was the amazing view of the whole field with the large number of girls as I walked up to the stadium… was pretty neat seeing this many girls get in one place to run:)

How am I going to find Presley and Barb?!

Oh, yes, thank goodness for cellphones:)

There she is:)

Presley also got into the groove of warming up:) They really did play some fun music that was filtered throughout the stadium!

The sky was looking nasty this day, so, the stands were not as full as maybe they would be on a sunny day, but I was able to get a pic of Shari and Della (sorry if spelled wrong). For those of you who don't know who read this, Shari is Presley's mom and Della is her other grandma:) You can never have too many people cheering you on when you run! They are right in middle of this pic in stands...Shari left in brown and Della right in blue.

...Aaaaannnnddd they're offfff!" πŸ™‚'s packed in the beginning of the race and Presley and her friend are feeling can feel the adrenaline pumping in the air! Each girl is #1!!!

...the girls pull ahead:)...

...this is the street I lost the girls on...pretty early...I took this shot and BAM! they were gone...they are in the foreground...

...and then the skies let rained, was blowing, and I had to put my camera away lest I ruin it...I must have snapped this as I was putting it in a plastic bag I had brought with me in anticipation of this:)

So, I finished running the 5k and was able to get a shot of the girls crossing the finish line! They did AWESOME!!! You go, Presley!!!

They were wet and cold, but to be honest I really don’t think girls 12 and under feel the cold like us adults do LOL:D

So, here's to Presley and Barb for completing the season of Girls on the Run!!! You truly rock!!! And, if you notice there were smiles before the race (this was taken before) and you saw Presley smiling at the Finish Line...that's what it's all about...smiling, feeling good, and knowing you worked at accomplishing a HUGE goal!!!

And, I felt good running too...the rain, the cold - it doesn't stop the feeling of feeling good after a run! πŸ™‚