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What Are You Looking Through?

3 Sep
Window on old Coast Guard boat in Muskegon.

Window on old Coast Guard boat in Muskegon.

Have you been looking at your life through a broken perspective?
You feel you’ve taken hit after hit…
…gosh, you know no one understands you and your circumstances…
…so, you keep staring at the same set of circumstances…
…blaming the circumstances…blaming people…blaming God.
Well, maybe it’s time to turn around and look out a different window.
When you do you might just see you are not alone.
You have people who want to help.
You have people who have gone through similar, not exact, but similar circumstances who can shed light on new ideas…new thought processes…new direction.
At the very least you may find a little more joy in your life…true joy…and it not be temporary.
Let’s put it this way.
If you were wearing sunglasses with a chip in the middle of the lense it would cause headaches and irritation.
If you were driving with a chip in your line of vision in your window it would cause the same thing.
Would you not get both replaced or fixed?
It’s the same with your life.
You are the ONLY one who can turn and look through another window to see clearly.
Pray the Lord replaces your perspective, your vision, your view with His new plan for you!
                                                                               He will!

Psalm 18:28

                                                                              “For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”