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My Fish…Big, Small, Ugly and Proud:)

27 Aug

One fish…

…two fish…

…three fish…

…no such luck with 4 fish…but I’m learning to dive…fun:) Scary a little bit because I’m always afraid at what could be lurking in front of me…LOL:D

DISCLAIMER:  All fish were too small to keep and subsequently given back to the waters!  Pa, once you feel better you’ll be coming out with Ma and gettin’ the BIGUNS:D





Lake MI at Her Best!

14 Aug

You can’t beat a morning on Lake MI with the waves rolling in! 🙂

The House Dancing with Memories from Old Times Past

1 Aug

So, I went on a day trip…just driving…past South Haven towards Saugatuck…if you stay on Blue Star Highway out of South Haven (R off of M43) you will then come (about 18 minutes out) to a fork that takes you left if you so choose…CHOOSE IT! It really is a very pretty road with a really neat conservation area, the William Erby Smith Wau-Ke-Na (I only went to the South side), then a couple miles past that you hit West Side Park (which has a nice little beach on Lake Michigan), and then the treasure continues on as you see beautiful house after beautiful house. Well, out of nowhere this house emerged that you see above. I could just see this house in my mind as it was in all it’s glory I’m sure. It backs right up to Lake Michigan and it’s for sale. I’m sure the land alone is a pretty penny. The house beckoned me:) I could get lost in it’s history. Oh to dream:) What a beautiful place this could be if someone so chose to take the project on! To whomever that is – ENJOY and RELISH in that!