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Our Little D After Surgery:(

14 Feb

My sweet, sweet, Little D...he just wouldn't rest at first in Jeep...his eyes were so out of heart hurts for him:(

So, this is his little, poor neck...the tumor that came out of this spot, well, it is black and big. I have a pic of it...the vet gave it to me. I'll try to scan and post tomorrow. It's disgusting, but oh so good it is out of him!

So, I did get home just when Denver was finally falling asleep...only to be picked up again and put on the bed to try and get comfortable again. Look at his little tongue:)

This is where they took a tumor out of his back...this was just a fatty tumor, thank goodness! These incisions though are just making me cringe!

Another back shot of Denver...his stitches come out in 2 to 3 activity for the next 14-21 least that part will be easy for Denver...he doesn't move all that much on a regular basis anyways:)

Then they took out another tumor behind his leg which was also just a fatty tumor, thank goodness!

He hates me! Look at his sad, sad eyes:(

He's finally starting to rest now...and as I turn around to look at him his eyes are now shut and he is breathing peacefully.


Our Little D – He’s Not Doing Well

13 Feb

So, our little D isn’t doing well…as in he has cancer.  I found out yesterday.  I’ve cried since. He has been with me forever.  My parents, my brother – his family, sweet Gage, Kathy and Aaron, well, we all love him…and though I don’t want Gage just to know yet (I will tell him after tomorrow…Denver has a tumor on his thyroid.)  He is having tests tomorrow to see if it is throughout his body.  Here are some sweet pics of our little guy.  He is my baby!

If looking at the picture you can see Denver's left side (our right when looking at the picture) much larger than other side. 😦

So, Denver sleeping with his tumor...he's had it for about two weeks tops...he always sleeps a lot, but now I just see him as so tired for a different reason.

My sweet, sweet Denver...!!!!

Can I just say I love this little guy!!!

This is how I will remember Denver, so, little, so content with his covers over him...he just loved to burrow! I pray Monday goes well for him at the vet's!!!!

Mish Mash of Photos…Good Stuff! Garret’s Winter Program, Wolf Lake Hatchery, and Redone Room:)

7 Feb

We had a lovely dinner before Garret's winter music program a couple of weekend's ago...I love this pic of "the guys":)

Gage just HAS to make some kind of individual declaration of independence:)

Garret sees us in the crowd before his that boy! 🙂

Garret is the farthest left...he truly played that guitar like it was no one's business! He held it and used his fingers like he was born to play this instrument. I so want Tom, Maria's Tom, to see him!

So, Garret then played the "Zi-la-phone" do you spell that word:D LOL:D Sorry for the blurry pic.

Garret was so excited we could all be there to share his night with him...Dad, Gage, Mom, Mike, Grandma, Nanny, Poppa, Me, his teacher...what a memory! 🙂

Now we switch to another day of archery and Presley, in blue, came...she really did well! 🙂 Look at her stance:) Do you see Scott in foreground...he was there with Blake.

Presley had her first "war" wound...YIKES!!! The string had snapped her a few times. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger...she was very brave...kept doing it and let me tell you, I see her doing amazing things with a bow! Girls have a natural breathing pattern that helps with us do great with a bow ultimately!

Again, we switch to another time and place...this is Steve and I just about a week ago at Wolf Lake Fish was cold but beautiful!

And when I say beautiful, I mean BEA-U-TI-FUL!!

We even saw some green in this snowy world:)

Now, I don't know if you can see them, but there was a brilliant male Cardinal and then the more muted female Cardinal in these bushes:) In real life, the red against the white and brown just was breathtaking! Totally can't see birds in this pic:(

The swans were so active this day...just amazing how close they came to us! I mean really, really close. This makes me want to learn to take pictures much better so I can have you feel the effect we felt of the beautiful wildlife around us!

Then the sun started to lower and you just felt like you're on a vacation...a stunning Michigan vacation! We live in a beautiful state!

As we were walking out of the hatchery you could see the sand and pebbles beneath the frozen ice on top...I just loved it for some reason:)

Then on Sunday I went and saw the South Haven lighthouse...what a beyond beautiful day! Loved it:) You can't get a more blue sky!

A view of Lake Michigan from "Doctor's Row"...seriously, normally there are ice banks that are 6 feet tall...not this year...beautiful still the same - just in a different way for February.

So, I made a little artist corner for myself...I haven't used my easel in years...not anymore:)

I've always LOVED "the West", this is my little version of the west and rustic MI:) Hey, I'm workin' with what I have:D

This is the area where I can sit and just read and reflect:) Russ and Amy, this is the chair you let me have and then I put a $6 sheet that reminded me of the West on it for the visual effect. I think I have a really good imagination (I see things more beautiful than they are maybe in my mind-LOL:) I love that sheet!), but I love it all the same:)

Then I put these cool almost burlap like curtains on the closet just to cover that up...I love it:)

Considering this was the room before...

...and this...well, I think it's much more warm:)

And, for the kicker of this blog entry…


…we have a picture Steve just sent me from his mom’s house…he went to grab a box of papers off a shelf in her garage/barn building and, wow, it fell on his face…he broke his nose – again!  Nothing you can really do about a broken nose though…I don’t like to see that:(  It’s going to hurt for awhile…but, I think Owen Wilson is sexy with his nose and I think Steve looks even sexier…for real:)

So, that’s a mish mash of the latest pics I have…until next time…