Garret’s 5th Grade Music Concert:)

28 May

So, we got to see Garret sing Wednesday night for his 5th grade music concert!  It was really wonderful…his music teacher just put on a delightful show, and Garret had his 5th grade buddy to help him stay focused throughout the show.  We truly enjoyed it, and here are some pics to depict the night:)

Sneak peak of Garret before show starts:) His music teacher is in red...she really put together a wonderful, organized show!

Gage and Pa goofed around til show started:) We miss you, Ma!

Grandma got to watch too:)

Mike and Kris awaiting the start of the show:)

Steve and Gage look so cute with their hats as they wait for the show to start:)

Garret sees all of us sitting together and I love how he waves...:) Of course, we are all waving technically first:)

This is Garret's 5th grade class...each class sang separately and then all of the 3 5th grade classes would sing together:) Side Note: As I type this Elvis has decided to lay directly across my arms as I type this...he doesn't care:) As long as he doesn't start typing! LOL:D

The show is over and the hustle and bustle of the kids finding parents begins...

...he finds us!!!! 🙂 Everyone just can't wait to congratulate him!!

So cute...Gage and Pa walk down the hall of the school and then all of a sudden Gage gets an idea...!

"Hey, Tom, sit down!"

"I'm Number 1!!!"...Gage and Pa proceeded down the hall and Gage LOVED being on top of his shoulders:)

So many kids told Garret on his way out of the concert, "Great job, Garret!". They were so genuine and we can't say enough how awesome Schoolcraft school is for building up kids no matter who they are! We thank the Lord for that! Action shot of Garret leaving the school and going to crunch grass:)

"We love you, Gage! See you tomorrow!"

We wave goodbye after the music concert as we are behind Mike and Kris with boys. Can't wait to see you tomorrow we say as they drive ahead.

Now if you want to see a video of one of the songs with Garret in it I will put on Facebook, but still haven’t updated my blog to do videos…soon:)  In the next day or so I will post pics of Presley and Girls on the Run…neat experience:)





One Response to “Garret’s 5th Grade Music Concert:)”

  1. d. strouse May 28, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    Great job, Garret!! Wish I was there, you did super:) Miss you all:)

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