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Love My Parents!

28 Mar

I love you, Ma and Pa! 🙂


Saturday Evening Drive…

27 Mar

Steve and I had a wonderful evening Saturday drive…here’s some pics…:)

Me trying to get a shot of us...:)

Our rear view view - beautiful!

I'm in the pic if you can see me...we're at Sugar Loaf Lake...not far from our house at all...calm, serene, and cold (brrrr):)

Another beautiful view of the sunset!

A good end to a great night:)

I’m Perfect…

25 Mar

I’m Perfect…

Perfectly happy growing into me

Perfectly happy with my spirituality…

Perfectly content while sitting quietly reading a book…

Perfectly happy knowing I’m loved by family, friends, and Jesus above

Perfectly knowing my body is not a size zero, and happy with that

But, perfectly thankful for health I’ve been blessed

Perfectly excited to welcome each new day…

And, perfectly comfortable with accepting my mistakes…

Who says you can’t be perfect, I say? 🙂

Perfectly happy knowing I’m a creatively, disorganized being…

Perfectly challenged to better myself…

Perfectly up to loving those who don’t love me back…

Perfectly knowing it’s easier to be kind to those who make your life easy…

But, knowing it is more rewardable to love those who don’t…

Perfectly happy…

Perfectly laid-back…

Perfectly not always these things –

And, just plain ok with stating that:)

Sarah Schwan 3-25-2011  Just a little something I put together this morning I wanted to share:)

Sarah and Steve

20 Mar


Is Gas Cheaper Here?

17 Mar

Hmmmmm…gas prices are high every where, but do they get a discount here?


Wipeout – Schwany Style

15 Mar

So, while Gage and Steve read a book for school, Garret and I went outside to rollerblade…no pics because I wasn’t thinking to have it out at the time:(  We had fun and Garret is really great on wheels – and loves when I chase him…he pretended we were in the Star Wars race in Episode 1 through the place that looks like your in Arizona/Utah/pick one of those western desert states – it’s actually one of my favorite parts in those movies…he always says he’s in the green one, I’m in the blue and Darlene (my mom) is the purple one…:)

Then Gage came out after he was done with Steve…he built this:

And, the Wipeout Schwany Show starts:) Not, Gage...not Garret...ME! Steve's getting rollerblades next so we can all do it together - wait til I get pictures of him on the stilts though:D Cute:) Those blue saucers...yea, really close together and the sides of the track he built are way close:) Rollerblading has always been my thing so it's fun showing Gage and Garret how to get a little extreme...we're starting out small and working our way up. You need wrist guards and knee pads and you're all set to get them started:) They love it!

A Detour…

10 Mar

A week or so ago I had noted on Facebook I had seen the most beautiful sunrise, but I hadn’t stopped to take a pic as I just had to get to work…work will be there whether I’m there 5 minutes earlier than if I hadn’t stopped, so, yesterday when I saw the sunrise I stopped at a park I pass on Austin Lake…a short but worthwhile detour:)

"When the world sits just right, a gentle breath of heaven fills my soul with delight..." Hazelmarie 'Mattie' Elliott, A Breath of Heaven.