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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…

30 Apr

SeasonIf you took a snapshot of various times in your life
what would it look like?

A little goofy like mine perhaps? (Lol)
You might smile…
You might shed a tear…
You might hide your head in shame…
You might roll your eyes…
You might shake your head…
You might feel happy…
You might feel sad…
You might feel content…
You might feel unsatisfied…
The emotions evoked go on and on and on.

As I look back I see there was a season for “everything”…
…the good, the bad, the ugly…

Whatever season you’re in right now…ask yourself –
Is this what I want to be experiencing?
If so, challenge yourself to see how you can make it more meaningful.
If not, ask yourself what you need to change.
Do you want to see different snapshots?
Are you complacent?
Are you satisfied?
Are you content?

Be honest…what season is this for you and what season do you want to experience next?
The Lord wants you to be happy and He wants to give you the desires of your heart.

Don’t settle.
Ask Him…He’s waiting to get you to where you want to be!


Life’s a Journey, Baby!

29 Apr
Muskegon State Park - Fall 2013

Muskegon State Park – Fall 2013

Here’s an awesome truth –
You are NEVER alone on the path of life if you know Jesus!
Now that is something to be thankful for.

The verse states He provides a “broad path” for us to travel on.
How many times do you stumble
on any given course you take in life?
Probably more than a few times if you’re human like me:)
So, even when you feel like your maneuvering
on a very narrow path of life – STOP!
Take a moment to look to Him and
He will open WIDE the path for you!

What’s even more awesome
is not only does He provide a broad path,
but he “makes known” what path in life to take –
the caveat here is we must SEEK HIM
to know His will for our lives!
How many times do you wish you had KNOWN what to do when you faced any number of decisions in life?!
Again, if you’re like me,
I bet at times you went blindly into making decisions,
leaning on your own understanding instead of seeking His will.
Next time – ask HIM to show you the path!
He will!
And you will be FILLED with joy!  We don’t have to be hum drum as we live our life!  You can smile knowing He is WITH YOU:).


Extending Kindness

28 Apr


When we read the word “enemy” in this verse who do you think of?
You may say, “I don’t have any enemies really.  I’m nice to pretty much everybody I encounter.”, buuuut I wonder…
Did you say unkind words under your breath towards the guy or gal who pulled out in front of you when you were driving home from work?
Did you speak to your ex in a way that pushed their buttons just because you could?
Did you get miffed because the person in front of you at the gas station decided to buy EVERY lotto ticket available AND scratch off each one at the cashier counter while you waited to buy JUST ONE lousy bottle of water? (Yea, it’s happened to me:))

These people become our “enemies”, albeit, “less obvious” enemies.
Did you ever notice you aren’t ever really happy after you get mad at someone?  Not really, uh?
It might feel good to let off steam for the first few seconds, but, well, you kinda stay grouchy much longer.
Not cool.
Your day is dampened with dreariness afterwards.
I challenge you – extend that “food and water” to these happiness robbers.
Say a quick prayer of safety for the person who pulled out in front of you instead of flipping them off or cursing them.
When the ex just seems to want to hurt you…say a prayer for them – they are hurting inside.
When the guy at the counter just doesn’t seem considerate…pray that something goes right for him that day…he might just need a smile.

When we extend this “food and water” in terms of prayer and kindness it goes along way.
You’ll smile more.
Your patience will abound in bucketfuls.
And, though you may never see that “enemy” again (or if you have to see them over and over) – your prayer goes with that person,
when you pull out in front of someone because YOU get distracted
a prayer might just be extended to you!


25 Apr


Grand Haven Pier, April 2014

Grand Haven Pier, April 2014

This verse speaks to me quite profoundly…I love that the Lord wants us to have a place of rest!
Do you have a “haven” you can go to after a storm in life has slammed you?
We ALL need one.
It could be a room in the house, a quiet park setting, your car, the library…a place where it’s just you and Jesus.
Personally, I love the water…when it’s calm and I  hear the gentle lapping of the waves on shore or feel the slight breeze that always seems to refresh when coming off of the water, well, it’s as if the Lord led me straight there and says, “Just breathe”.
I love that He guides us to such a place…it shows He REALLY WANTS us to have such a place.
He’s not stingy with wanting us to feel glad and at peace!  WOW!  He really loves us – He doesn’t hide special spots like this from us!
I urge you to ASK the Lord to prepare a place of rest for you – your own “haven”…He will reveal it to you!
Seek Him…He’s waiting for you to ask.   🙂

24 Apr


What an important reminder to each of us…me included…our words should be soothing to others.
No matter what your preconceived notions are of a situation or person…no matter what your past is with someone…
no matter what, our words should build up – not tear down!
Think of the word “crush”.
I think of a car in a junkyard being mashed into a small hunk of metal from what it once was.
Think of the words you speak about or to others.  Do those words CRUSH that person’s spirit?
Do you let your anger, your bitterness, your disgust get in the way of speaking soothing words?
Think of the word “soothe”.
I think of applying aloe to the skin after a sunburn…it’s cool to the touch and minimizes the pain of the burn.
In context to this verse, ALL people have hurts, fears, and insecurities that sometimes do not make them the most ideal person to want to be around or to speak kind words to, but, STOP!
Underneath they are probably hurting inside.
Your soothing words could ease the pain of their “burn”.
It’s easier said than done…trust me…but you can only control YOU…speak soothing words this week and weekend.
Feel your heart warm up to people – even someone you may not like all that much.
You may need the aloe of soothing words someday yourself.