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Goodbye, Summer:( (But HELLLOOO, Fall:)

23 Sep

Camping with the Ingles...lovely family:) Sleeping Bear Dunes! Do you see this campground? Well, this is what we had the first night...both Steve and Todd had to camp out and sleep in chairs and then in sleeping bags on cement sidewalk waiting for the camp office to open to reserve the next 2 nights...first come first serve...EEEEKKK!!! They got the sites BTW:)

Awesome fire...sweet girl:) She's always so nice to Garret!

Building a clothes line:) Another sweet girl, Maddie:)

Think we're breakin' out the smores:)

Breakfast at this VERY expensive little place near Sleeping Bear Dunes...

...but I have to say I loved their French Toast...mine was good...Courtney's was not so much:(

Love old barns!! In this pic you can also see reflection of inside of Jeep in the

Of course you have to take pictures with the Indian statue at the awesomest camp store EVER! I didn't spell awesomest wrong's a word and the boys LOVE it:)

I even had to take a pic with the awesomest Indian in front of the awesomest camp store:)


We went rafting with the Ingle's and another really sweet family the Kangas', but I think I just spelled their last name incorrectly:( They were fun, spontaneous and just a great family!

Garret and I in back of the big raft:)

Steve helping us through a very low spot on river:)

Gage was so wonderful rafting and just a great young man on the trip! He was in the water, out the raft, in the raft, very serious guy:) This pic makes him look kinda tired, but literally he's about to jump in after a fish or turtle or something:)

So, I captured this shot just as it was starting to thunder...yea. Thunder. Not cool, right? Well, I tried to say it was a race track nearby and Garret was way too smart for that because then it started raining...we were almost done though!!! We have to get to our cars!

See those drops! Yea, the cars are directly to our right! Thank goodness!!! 🙂 That's Steve and Garret gettin' the heck out of Dodge:)

Sweet friends:)

Breakfast is KEY when camping:) Steve always out does himself!

Ahhhh!! I remember this view of the dunes when I was a kid when my parents brought me! Still a great memory and just as fun!

Going up! 🙂

Still going up...of course Gage wears a sword and arm band we just got him...I just love him!


We made it to the start of the rest of the many hills:)

The lake when you look back from cresting the first hill...beautiful!!!

You see the big lake right away, but you have about a 2 mile hike I believe which is up and down, up and down...that's like Manitou or Manitube (hehe) Island...North or South...can't remember.

Such a wonderful picture of Gage and Steve:) Love it! See the water "disappears" though and you keep walking...

...more walking, but so beautiful...then finally...


...VICTORYYYYY!!! Gage and Garret jump right in!!! We were hot:) Gage still has his sword:)

So, I have more pics of Sleeping Bear Dunes and the rest of the camping trip…just going to sign off for now, but want to post pics of the rest of families and their time there:)  THEN, my trip to OH to see my family and the cutest pics of Walker and Millie!