Straight Up!

18 Aug
Gracie - Park - August 2014

Gracie – Park – August 2014

Do you ever just need straight-up prayer?!  I mean you be the one doing it!

As in…”I just can’t see the end result of what I want or need,
and I seriously need to lift up every ounce of breath I have to the Lord above”.

As in…”Well, since I’m burying my head in pure frustration I might as well also lift up my requests to Him,
and turn that buried head into a bowed head in reverence to Him.”

Or in a more “positive view”…
“Man, I should be thanking the Lord above for ALWAYS bailing me out
and being there for me whether I’ve been giving Him the credit or not.”

See, sometimes we just need to stop and pray…lifting up requests and thanksgiving BOTH.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says it best, “…pray continually…”.

Yep…all the time…about everything…every decision…every choice.
So, stop for a sec…say a prayer (and don’t close your eyes doing it if you’re driving;)).


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