Perspective and the Big Picture

16 Jul
I love my real life I'd never get away with dressing them:)

I love my babies…in real life I’d never get away with dressing them:)

The way we look at things in life really determines our day to day joy level.

How far we see into the future (the big picture) affects how we look at the day to day trials we come across.

I created the illustration above to give a visual of just that, and hopefully make you chuckle, but it illustrates a pretty deep message too.

The “Whoa is me.” perspective (see cat…lol), and the “By golly, it’s not great, but I’m going to see the positive in this.” (see dog…lol).
(By the way, their personalities are really like this:).

The better we see the big picture and not microfocus on the day to day frustrations, well, the frustrations really won’t feel so big.
Granted, I know we all go through various degrees of stressful situations, events, relationships,  etc. which can feel very overwhelming.
I am not taking away the fact we all feel stress, frustratation, (fill in the blank of whatever emotion you are feeling),
but it’s important to read the verse above when feeling those emotions.

Do you have a heavenly perspective?
This “stuff” we go through now…man, it’s going to be nothing when we see the glory of the Lord!

I ask you this then…
Since we do not know when the Lord is coming back (to heal this broken world but He is),
are you going to have the cat’s perspective or the dog’s perspective?

Look at yourself in the mirror.
Seriously look.
Let’s face it.
You can only control you.
You can only control how little or much you go to the Lord and ask for Him to give you strength, peace, comfort, etc.
You can only control how much you ask Him to show you the big picture.
You are the only one, with the Lord’s help, who can make you see the positive in whatever stress, worry, and frustration you feel.

The big picture is really bright even if you don’t see it just yet.
What happens today as life throws you curves?…
Well, I bet we will have wished we smiled a bit more when we look back a year from now,
five years from now, on this particular day or tomorrow, or the next day.


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