26 Jun
Going through a drive-thru is 2nd to none in Gracie's eyes:)

Going through a drive-thru is 2nd to none in Gracie’s eyes:)

Look at my sweet, sweet Gracie…distracted one moment and giving her full attention the next.
In life we are easily distracted – with good and bad – including intentions.
Stay focused and keep your eye on the end goal.
KNOW that no harm will come to you if you stay focused and excited to make the decisions that make life better.
Take a moment to read the verses above.
That second verse is a PROMISE to those who seek Him!
He’s protecting you if you only look to Him.

Are you looking to build a better financial future for yourself?
Then stay focused on putting $20 a day into savings.
It’s easy to get distracted by making excuses and blaming your circumstances (and people) for what you think you should already have.

Are you looking out for the best interests of your children?
Then stay focused on the goal and take steps to ensure they receive the best.
It’s easy to get distracted by promises made and then broken.

Are you looking for better relationships in your daily life?
Then stay focused on speaking kindly to all.
It’s easy to get disgusted by those who slight you, the know-it-allers, the belittlers, the one-uppers, the prideful, the “button pushers”.

Are you looking to walk closer with the Lord?
Then stay focused on the goal and take time to read the Word, listen to praise music, fellowship with other Christians.
It’s easy to be an island with no visitors.

In the daily walk of life…
He’s NOT going to let you down!


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