Nature Lover by Heart

22 May
White River, near Whitehall, MI...One of my favorite fishing rivers and places to go to see God's beauty!  Truly I love that river.

White River, near Whitehall, MI…One of my favorite fishing rivers and places to see God’s beauty!

I love the last part of the above verse…”And God saw that it was good.”!
Can I say, “Amen!” to that?! 🙂
I think it’s so cool the Lord took time in those 7 days to create so much beauty in each and every animal.
The animals of the air…
…the land…
…the sea.
I mean, really?
Who can say God isn’t creative?
Every time I turn a bend in the rivers I’ve fished,
…the creativity, the beauty, the uniqueness of animals I see – amazes me!
Even in the creatures I see over and over.
It’s such a treat He gave us these to gaze on.
I get so excited as I sit still, look, and listen on the rivers.
The animals, fowl, and fish are so diverse…so pretty.
He created all of that knowing we could “see” Him in all that He created.
Take time in the next few days to just bask in His awesomeness through the creatures around you.
And, Happy Memorial Day Weekend coming up!
I plan on taking some more pics of creation:)
God is good!
All of the time!
Don’t forget that.


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