My What Big Ears You Have!

19 May
She hears what she wants to"Treats", "Walk", "Ride"...:)

She hears what she wants to hear…lol…”Treats”, “Walk”, “Ride”…:)

The Lord repeatedly says in the Bible, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”
How many times are we like my little Gracie though? 🙂
She hears but she doesn’t listen.  She hears but she doesn’t add it to her bank of knowledge.
She just keeps on doing what she wants to do.
She hears the “fun” stuff.
She doesn’t heed the instruction nor the correction (not nearly as much anyways).
So, do we have the ears to really hear the Lord and heed what He tells us in His Word?
Do we push aside the instruction and correction?
Here’s a gentle reminder…
Take heed!…
Take to heart!…
Store in your heart!…
…the calling of the Lord on whatever He is telling  you.
Don’t disregard the instruction – because in the midst of that He could also be sending you encouragement to lead!
Don’t disregard the correction –  because in the midst of that He could also be sending you strength to make changes!
Don’t disregard the call for reflection in your own life –  because He could be giving you the patience for others in your life!
Don’t disregard the call to just be still now –  because He could be preparing you to lead later!
Open His Word.
Take in.
Then act!


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