Refreshed by the Word

15 May
Plants in my yard...May 14, 2014

Plants in my yard…May 14, 2014

I am always, always refreshed by the Word of the Lord!
Rob and I are attending Harvest Bible Church in Spring Lake, MI and the pastor’s words (both pastors) are always like the verse above –
“dew on tender plants”…we are renewed each time we hear the Word!
And, the church I attend here in town is the same way…always refreshing – quenching the thirst in my soul.
It is always so neat to find verses in the Bible that illustrate exactly how you feel:)
Pretty cool that if something is laid on your heart you can open the Bible and feel the Lord give you verses to “back-up” those thoughts.
The Holy Spirit is in us to reveal the power of the Lord in our lives.
The Lord is good!
Tap into His Word…what will He reveal to you today?


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