God Didn’t Disappoint…

13 May
Muskegon State Park - May 2014

Muskegon State Park – May 2014

I have found there are so many promises to us from the Lord given to us in the Bible.
It is awesome to know when we declare these promises the Lord delivers.
We oft do not even ask for the promises He freely speaks of to manifest in our lives because we sell the Lord short.
Our human minds put the Lord in a small tiny box…like,
“Well, Lord, (sigh) I know You are good and you want good things for me, buuuuttt, well, (sigh) if you can just kind of give me a decent day today…even just a half way decent day, I will be grateful.”
When we should really pray,
“Lord, I hold onto to the promise that you will supply my EVERY need (Philippians 4:19), and that I need not be afraid as you are always with me  as you promise in Psalms (118:6).  I will not worry as you directly tell me not to in Luke (12:22) for you will take care of me, as you even take care of the sparrows (Matthew 10:29, 31), and I am worth way more than that!  Thank you, Lord, for being with me daily…minute by minute…second by second…let me continue to seek you!”.
I challenge you today…are you getting into the Word to really even know what the Lord’s promises are to you?
Open that Bible.
Read just a couple of verses…then a couple of more.
It’s a road that leads to peace and joy!
Start asking for those promises.
He’s waiting!


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