Small Fish in a Big Pond…?

5 May
Pentwater, MI  Summer 2013

Pentwater, MI Summer 2013

Has anyone made you feel like a small fish in a big pond?
I’m sure it happens to all of us at different times…with work, family, friends, strangers – it happens.

Sitting in that chair above I felt small…the pic is a funny illustration of this:), but in real life situations,
do we let that feeling creep up on us letting others make us believe we are insignificant?
Like they are better than us?
Like they have ALL the answers?

When that feeling creeps up on you read the verse above…
those who fear the Lord whether small OR great will be blessed!

In God’s eyes none of us are small or insignificant!
Don’t let others stuff you into a tiny little box!
Love the Lord and live your life to the fullest!!!

Make the changes in your life you want for you and your family BUT make those changes on God’s terms…not anyone else’s terms.
He loves us and will help no matter what obstacles are put in your way!


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