Life’s a Journey, Baby!

29 Apr
Muskegon State Park - Fall 2013

Muskegon State Park – Fall 2013

Here’s an awesome truth –
You are NEVER alone on the path of life if you know Jesus!
Now that is something to be thankful for.

The verse states He provides a “broad path” for us to travel on.
How many times do you stumble
on any given course you take in life?
Probably more than a few times if you’re human like me:)
So, even when you feel like your maneuvering
on a very narrow path of life – STOP!
Take a moment to look to Him and
He will open WIDE the path for you!

What’s even more awesome
is not only does He provide a broad path,
but he “makes known” what path in life to take –
the caveat here is we must SEEK HIM
to know His will for our lives!
How many times do you wish you had KNOWN what to do when you faced any number of decisions in life?!
Again, if you’re like me,
I bet at times you went blindly into making decisions,
leaning on your own understanding instead of seeking His will.
Next time – ask HIM to show you the path!
He will!
And you will be FILLED with joy!  We don’t have to be hum drum as we live our life!  You can smile knowing He is WITH YOU:).



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