Extending Kindness

28 Apr


When we read the word “enemy” in this verse who do you think of?
You may say, “I don’t have any enemies really.  I’m nice to pretty much everybody I encounter.”, buuuut I wonder…
Did you say unkind words under your breath towards the guy or gal who pulled out in front of you when you were driving home from work?
Did you speak to your ex in a way that pushed their buttons just because you could?
Did you get miffed because the person in front of you at the gas station decided to buy EVERY lotto ticket available AND scratch off each one at the cashier counter while you waited to buy JUST ONE lousy bottle of water? (Yea, it’s happened to me:))

These people become our “enemies”, albeit, “less obvious” enemies.
Did you ever notice you aren’t ever really happy after you get mad at someone?  Not really, uh?
It might feel good to let off steam for the first few seconds, but, well, you kinda stay grouchy much longer.
Not cool.
Your day is dampened with dreariness afterwards.
I challenge you – extend that “food and water” to these happiness robbers.
Say a quick prayer of safety for the person who pulled out in front of you instead of flipping them off or cursing them.
When the ex just seems to want to hurt you…say a prayer for them – they are hurting inside.
When the guy at the counter just doesn’t seem considerate…pray that something goes right for him that day…he might just need a smile.

When we extend this “food and water” in terms of prayer and kindness it goes along way.
You’ll smile more.
Your patience will abound in bucketfuls.
And, though you may never see that “enemy” again (or if you have to see them over and over) – your prayer goes with that person,
when you pull out in front of someone because YOU get distracted
a prayer might just be extended to you!


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