25 Apr


Grand Haven Pier, April 2014

Grand Haven Pier, April 2014

This verse speaks to me quite profoundly…I love that the Lord wants us to have a place of rest!
Do you have a “haven” you can go to after a storm in life has slammed you?
We ALL need one.
It could be a room in the house, a quiet park setting, your car, the library…a place where it’s just you and Jesus.
Personally, I love the water…when it’s calm and I  hear the gentle lapping of the waves on shore or feel the slight breeze that always seems to refresh when coming off of the water, well, it’s as if the Lord led me straight there and says, “Just breathe”.
I love that He guides us to such a place…it shows He REALLY WANTS us to have such a place.
He’s not stingy with wanting us to feel glad and at peace!  WOW!  He really loves us – He doesn’t hide special spots like this from us!
I urge you to ASK the Lord to prepare a place of rest for you – your own “haven”…He will reveal it to you!
Seek Him…He’s waiting for you to ask.   🙂


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