24 Apr


What an important reminder to each of us…me included…our words should be soothing to others.
No matter what your preconceived notions are of a situation or person…no matter what your past is with someone…
no matter what, our words should build up – not tear down!
Think of the word “crush”.
I think of a car in a junkyard being mashed into a small hunk of metal from what it once was.
Think of the words you speak about or to others.  Do those words CRUSH that person’s spirit?
Do you let your anger, your bitterness, your disgust get in the way of speaking soothing words?
Think of the word “soothe”.
I think of applying aloe to the skin after a sunburn…it’s cool to the touch and minimizes the pain of the burn.
In context to this verse, ALL people have hurts, fears, and insecurities that sometimes do not make them the most ideal person to want to be around or to speak kind words to, but, STOP!
Underneath they are probably hurting inside.
Your soothing words could ease the pain of their “burn”.
It’s easier said than done…trust me…but you can only control YOU…speak soothing words this week and weekend.
Feel your heart warm up to people – even someone you may not like all that much.
You may need the aloe of soothing words someday yourself.  


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