Flower Power:)

15 Oct

So, I’ve been off my blog for awhile…no matter:) I just want to post some beautiful flowers (heck, some are weeds and even invasive plants of MI, but they still are beautiful to look at)…this I took on a bike ride up in the Montegue/White Hall, MI area.

They say you must use the word “blue” in describing flowers when they look purple (or so I’ve heard), but these are the prettiest pale purple if you ask me:)

Vibrant! These are vibrant…the orange is a knockout!

A neat, BIG plant of some sort (that attracts bees as far as I could see)…:) The size was impressive.

I’m in this pic somewhere;) Pretty awesome sculpture!

These flowers are always so delicate…they are as thin as paper and you want to think they’re not real, but they are! Another “blue” flower…these actually do look blue.

Now, notice the beauty of the middle of this flower (what I think must be some sort of daisy, but don’t quote me on that)…it is sooooo intricately, specifically, simply beautiful…that makes no sense but to me I’m sure…LOL:D

Oh, these are just so dainty and yellow…I love yellow. My mom loves yellow:)

This was in front of a swampy area which sits in front of the White River in White Hall, MI…gorgeous!!!

This I believe is a weed…a pretty weed:)

Now this I believe is an invasive plant to MI, but in real life this stands out…it’s kinda beautiful in it’s own horrible way…not sure how bad it is, but I do believe it takes over a lot of foliage here. Again, don’t quote me on that. I don’t even know the name of it.















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