I Went On Vacation!

26 May

We stopped at a rest stop in TN and went on a short little jaunt…Millie was so cute with her little legs walking up what ended up to be a fairly steep hill:) She was very proud of herself you could tell;)

Walker and Millie both were great ROAD TRIP WARRIOR’S! 🙂 Did I tell you this vacation with just me with my brother, Amy and the kids? Yea, so cool as we had never done that before…they were very generous letting me tag along as the 3rd wheel so to speak:)

Walker thought this is where we were staying:) No just kidding, but what a cool little kid size place, uh?! This was at the entrance to the place we were to stay. Just want to let you know I have like 800 pics from this trip, so, today just showing some highlights…I’ll post more in separate entries as time goes on.

We crossed over this bridge each time we left and came back to our cabin…Walker each time would yell, “Aunt Sarah, we’re going to cross the tunnel now!”. It was the cutest thing:) Probably had to be there and I’m a little bias since he’s my sweet, little nephew:)

Our place was so warm and inviting…we’re just arriving here and checking out the place, figuring out what to kid proof, and where we’ll be sleeping.

Can I just say, “HOLLA”!…this was my oasis each night…I never slept so good:)

While in TN we checked out the aquarium in Gatlinburg…Millie and Amy enjoying the colorful fish:)

Walker loved watching the little Nemo’s and the like too:) He kept talking in this bubble thing the whole time he was in here, but you could not hear him so we have no idea if he is talking directly to the fish or us. LOL:D

We went under the water at the aquarium to view the fish which was way cool…got to get a family pic, well, Millie is in the stroller in front of me as I take the pic…we were on one of those mover things so couldn’t quite get her in on this one.

Russ was able to snap this picture of Amy, the kids and I:)

The aquarium had this cool shark area where you see this JAWS looking type display…you pull a lever and then it moves up to show how much pressure/lbs (something) a great white shark bite is…

…I thought Walker might be afraid, but he liked it:)

Walker and I decided to go into the penguin exhibit…we had to crawl through this little bitty tunnel…have to say – it was a little muggy and clausterphobic (sp?)…we had to wait minutes right where you see us now…the little kid you see behind me kept saying, “Excuse me.”, and trying to move past us, but I gently was like, “Oh, we all have to wait our turn.” 🙂

We made it!! 🙂 It was worth the wait:) We were RIGHT THERE with the penguins it felt like.

Russell got this cool shot of a penguin diving…I love it!! 🙂

I really like this pic of Russell and Walker…this is directly in front of our cabin:) Walker has one of Russell’s camo shirts on which is hilarious and cute all tucked in:D

At every crossroads on the property we stayed they had these cool carvings:)

When you stay in the mountains of TN the roads are STEEP!!!! We always had Russell take the stroller down with Millie because gravity would have just pulled Amy and I down out of control:)

Here…this pic does a little more justice to what I meant above…coming up wasn’t no picnic either;)

We also fed the fishies…Millie wanted to eat the fish food more than throw it:)

Can I just say, “DOOOOLLLEEEEWOOOOOOOD”!!!!!!! 🙂

What you don’t know about this picture, and many others for that matter, is that Walker is ALWAYS saying “CHEEEESE” in these pics, but never looks at the camera because he is always so distracted with what else is going on around us…LOL:D

Amy and I decided to do the clown car thing and see if we could all fit:)

Walker was so dang cute driving this car…it drove on it’s own, but kids don’t know that and he took it so seriously…he told me “he was going to drive me” 🙂

See what I mean…he was in heaven! 🙂

As you can see Amy was having a blast too:D

Russell too:D I think their cars went faster than mine or something:)

Millie liked watching all of us drive the cars:)

I like this pic:) Just to note we had some chilly days in TN and then some hot days…this was one of the chillier ones.

Amy and I sat together with Millie on the ferris wheel and we were so scared…when Amy and I are scared we found out we squeal and laugh at the same time…LOL:D If you could have heard us…we had to tone it down on this ride since Millie was with us, but when we got on Wild Eagle the rollercoaster we didn’t care what we sounded like:)

Is this not the cutest?! Walker is on a rollercoaster and I’m in the car in front of them and I take this pic and Walker is raising his arm…oh, I could die from this cuteness:)

Dollywood has this cool, old train that they still operate by using coal. I thought of Garret and wish he had been there to share this memory with. In fact, each part of the trip I thought of Steve, Gage and Garret wanting them to experience everything:)

Dollywood is great for kids I think…they have so many rides for them:)

Even Millie got in on the action:)

If you want to keep your kids busy for HOOOUURRSS just do what Dollywood did – build a water system that has some little obstacles in it where the kids then watch, follow, grab the thing Millie is holding in her hands…they LOVE IT!

Here’s a better shot of the water system above…it’s pretty cool honestly. I told Russell he needs to build one in his yard:)

This is what happens to kids after a fun-filled day at Dollywood…

…and this:)

Well, I haven’t even gotten to the big people rides we went on at Dollywood, the beautiful waterfalls we saw on hikes, Russell and I running on the Appalachian Trail, the toe nails I lost from running with Russell, bear scat, the snow, the hail, the llama poop that Amy and I was sure was from a bear or elk lurking around every corner to attack us:), etc.  We made some great memories:)  Thank you, Amy, Russ, Walker, and Millie!!!!  Love you each bunches!!!!  More later.


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  1. Chris Mobley January 12, 2014 at 8:23 am #

    Thank you for sharing a part of you with us Sarah. You’re a special person -chris

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