Wow! Rugby is Ruf!!

11 Apr

Steve and I went to see Korey play a little Rugby this past Saturday...he played like 3 plus hours straight...he had to fill in for Hillsdale's team as they were short guys and then he played for his Grand Valley team against Hope the other game. Here is running over to us before the games begin:)

Catching up with the Hillsdale the black and white effect.

Love looking at sport's fields...the view from the stands.

I like the view of looking through the fence for effect too...Korey is at the bottom of the pile...he is always in the mix it seems:) He attacks!

Korey is in the middle of the pic...number 17 in this game...again this game he was playing Grand Valley on Hillsdale's team.

This is some Rugby ritual I'll call it...can't remember name of this formation...Mike told me, but I have forgotten. Mike played in the Army. Anywho, Korey is the front, right corner nearest the camera.

Just a cool action shot:) See the intensity in his face!

You can just see the 7 and part of the 1 in 17 of Korey's shirt in middle right of picture right between guy in blue shirt and 6...again...he ATTACKS!

Another shot of Korey attacking..he's the one coming in from the right.

Korey is getting out of the pile...or in it...not sure:)

A fast game...Korey either has ball or is running to cut off guy who does...again, he is 17 on far left.

Again, Korey is in attack can see him in the middle, coming in from the right in this shot with his arm reaching out to grab the guy.

Korey is at the bottom of pile with the ball.

Yea...did I tell you in Rugby they never stop the could be mortally wounded and the game goes on...Korey is can see the pile is removing themselves...and we can finally see Korey. I would say he was one of the toughest on any team I saw!

He's all good:)

This is pic does NOT show justice to the war wounds JUST after the first he's getting ready to play with Grand Valley...he doesn't seem phased:)

Korey with his Grand Valley Team...he's middle front...wish this was a little clearer, but the pic still looks cool.

Korey is going after the guy with the ball...see guy with ball in far left...Korey is in front foreground running left...he's 14 on this team.

TACKLE!! See Korey tackle the guy's every time!

Korey at bottom of pile after everybody jumps on them from above!

Korey is running up to the pile. Nice stride, Korey:) He's right to the right of the kid with the hat.

Korey is in the left view of this shot.

Korey got a touchdown (can't remember what you call it in Rugby), but he is at bottom of pile and you can't seem him. So, this is the end of this day...I didn't get a shot of Korey afterwards, but I give him huge kudos for playing so tough! So long! In such a rough sport! It made me cringe a few times (YIKES!). Great job, Korey:)






One Response to “Wow! Rugby is Ruf!!”

  1. klloney1226 April 11, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    Holy Cow! You were right a lot! He said he has one more game left, I’ll pray he makes through the game uninjured. Great action pics, every time I try to take them they turn out blurry. Looks like Korey took more of the pic & posted it as his profile pic.

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