Our Little D After Surgery:(

14 Feb

My sweet, sweet, Little D...he just wouldn't rest at first in Jeep...his eyes were so out of it...my heart hurts for him:(

So, this is his little, poor neck...the tumor that came out of this spot, well, it is black and big. I have a pic of it...the vet gave it to me. I'll try to scan and post tomorrow. It's disgusting, but oh so good it is out of him!

So, I did get home just when Denver was finally falling asleep...only to be picked up again and put on the bed to try and get comfortable again. Look at his little tongue:)

This is where they took a tumor out of his back...this was just a fatty tumor, thank goodness! These incisions though are just making me cringe!

Another back shot of Denver...his stitches come out in 2 to 3 weeks...no activity for the next 14-21 days...at least that part will be easy for Denver...he doesn't move all that much on a regular basis anyways:)

Then they took out another tumor behind his leg which was also just a fatty tumor, thank goodness!

He hates me! Look at his sad, sad eyes:(

He's finally starting to rest now...and as I turn around to look at him his eyes are now shut and he is breathing peacefully.


One Response to “Our Little D After Surgery:(”

  1. ma February 14, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Give Denver a hug for us:) He sure does have alot of stitches for his little body!

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