Our Little D – He’s Not Doing Well

13 Feb

So, our little D isn’t doing well…as in he has cancer.  I found out yesterday.  I’ve cried since. He has been with me forever.  My parents, my brother – his family, sweet Gage, Kathy and Aaron, well, we all love him…and though I don’t want Gage just to know yet (I will tell him after tomorrow…Denver has a tumor on his thyroid.)  He is having tests tomorrow to see if it is throughout his body.  Here are some sweet pics of our little guy.  He is my baby!

If looking at the picture you can see Denver's left side (our right when looking at the picture) much larger than other side. 😦

So, Denver sleeping with his tumor...he's had it for about two weeks tops...he always sleeps a lot, but now I just see him as so tired for a different reason.

My sweet, sweet Denver...!!!!

Can I just say I love this little guy!!!

This is how I will remember Denver, so, sweet...so little, so content with his covers over him...he just loved to burrow! I pray Monday goes well for him at the vet's!!!!


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