A Little Day Trip Last Weekend!

13 Jan

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away…Kelly and I decided to do just that…

...the day was just beautiful...the sun...the wonderful clouds made for a crisp morning!

The drive itself just puts you in the mood to do a little shopping, have a fun lunch and find some treasures! đŸ™‚

There are places to stay!

Landscapes so beautiful...Lake Michigan is just past the trees!

Little towns to drive thru!

Neat business places to view!

This is a business that closes in the winter months but I've been in there and it still looks so amazing as we drove by!

We arrived!

Lunch was just wonderful! We were right by the fireplace with the best waiter, Richard! The food was beyond fabulous...beyond!

The stores in Saugatuck were just waiting for us:)

The treasures I found were beyond! Mom, The fishing basket is for you! I love you and you are the best mom in the world! I hope you enjoy...it was just too perfect of a find. The tray was a great find as well...the log thing is a nutcracker type thing I thought Steve and the boys would want and the little silver thing is a compact I just love!

So, to more little day trips to come in 2012…this was the first and so far the best:)


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