…a little of Christmas – 2011:)

29 Dec

Had to throw in this pic of sweet Denver and Gracie in Jeep:)

Now this is just a beautiful shot of my area where I live and because of the little to no snow we have received I could travel to OH to see my family and feel safe driving. I do feel bad for the folks here in my favorite State of MI who need snow for their jobs to make income! We need major snow!

Ma always knows how to put decorations together for Christmas:)

My brother and sweet little Millie in her pretty, pink ruffled skirt:)

My handsome little nephew, Walker, eating his Christmas dinner:) He is so sweet and he just put Jello in his mouth:D

Millie is opening my present of the softest stuffed animal in my parents basement. I just love that I am an aunt to the two cutest kids in the world and so happy I could share this Christmas with them:) I am blessed with such a wonderful family!

My mom and dad got Walker his own little pool table since my brother and dad love to play and Walker really is picking it up at 3 years old...

...can I say Pool Shark:D LOL!

Millie is so smart...she's climbing up stairs and learning how to climb down (with our help of course)!

Don't let Amy fool you! She's really the true Pool Shark at heart! She knows how to play her "poker face" well! 🙂

Millie was with my mom during this, but here is my awesome brother and sis-in-law who I laugh with so much she is my true sister I never had:)

We spent Saturday night at my Aunt Carlene's and Uncle Dave's house in Dayton...Elise, my cousin, is in the background with my Aunt Kathleen...my Aunt Carlene with my Uncle Dave made an awesome Gluton-free Christmas dinner...Uncle Bill, my cousin Nick, my dad, and Uncle Dave were in the basement during this shot in their basement...my other photos of them are so blurry I could not post:( It was so nice seeing them and I missed my other aunts, uncles and cousins, and grandma as it's hard to get us all together due to schedules...heck, I was shocked I was there:)

So, this is some of my family which started the tradition of jumping as a photo just for fun when we get together...well, how fun is this, and we must continue and we must get more in picture next year (Russell is holding up Millie...yes, it's really just the women, and it was so much fun). 🙂 My mom and aunt's phone have better pics of the action so they will email those to me:) I think the guys need to start something!

Ok...I need to take better pics because Walker and Millie were smiling in others but they were blurry! Ugh!! But still, you get the point...cutest family ever! 🙂

Can I just say ADORABLE!!! Millie in her 2011 Christmas dress:)

And, Walker is so cute with his train set! Lou, our family friend also got him the Polar Express train but my pics were blurry of that too:( How awesome does he love that too though...so sweet of her!

So, Russell and I played Nine Ball...I stunk more than words can say:) I swear I was jinxed by being in his home turf:)

Russell ran the table:)

So, I hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS:)  Let’s ring in the New Year safely! 🙂  Love, Sarah


One Response to “…a little of Christmas – 2011:)”

  1. Diane Gerken January 3, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    Sarah – Great pictures and captions. Looks like you had a Merry Christmas. I pray you and your family (especially all those crazy aunts) have a blessed New Year. Love, Diane

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