Gage Had A Birthday…

23 Aug

Gage is now in the double digits! The big 1-0!! 🙂  I have more pics of his birthday on my phone which I do have a cord to upload/download them, but I have not figured out yet (basically just have it tried it:))….but here’s a smattering…

Walking into Craig's Cruiser's (way cleaner than I ever thought an arcade place could be:) Better than any arcade, go-kart place, putt-putt, place I would say for sure.

The cake! 🙂 It has like fossil dinosaurs on was pretty cool.

The boys dug into their goodie bags:)

If you have boys from the age of like 3 years to at least 10 years (and if you you're a big kid like me inside:) then just buy these guys for goodie bags. The boys had so much fun seeing them race down the walls...they were fun (just don't throw on ceiling - LOL:D

Gage loved each and every one of his presents and is very thankful for each was really just too nice...I mean that!

I love Gage's face:) The joy of being a kid and happy!

It's true...the older kids get they start wanting to save for more expensive toys:) At least he's learning to save which is more valuable than he even gets right now! These were cool $2 bills...I think he'll be saving those because they're different:)

Then it was off to the buffet before we got to...

...the GAMES...:)

...and the RIDES! 🙂

I think the go-karts, bumper boats, rope course, and laser tag were big hits:)

All getting ready to shot I could get of most people in row at once. I guess more of the adults I should say:)

Kris can hold her own:)

Garret and Steve did the inside bumper cars...little blurry...I didn't have the right setting. It was funny last night some of us girls got together and one of them said "Hey, nowadays you can't take a bad shot with cameras they make today"...that is truly not a true statement when it comes to me (hehe)...I can take bad ones!

Ok…Garret wants to show me something on a movie he is watching…more pics in the next couple of days (probably) 🙂


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