More Summer Fun…

9 Aug
…here’s a peak at some more summer fun…

Bruno loves the water more than any dog I know...Gage loves the water just as much:), but maybe not quite as much as Garret loves it! Gage is taking a mud bath...I think you can pay like a thousand dollars at one of those fancy spas for one of those:) Just go to one of your local lakes - LOL:D

Such a lovely, awesome picture of Steve and Garret this past Friday:) Father and son:) They love each other so very much!

Steve teaching Gage how to shoot a rubberband...those two love working together...they also love each other so very's very sweet to see them work together and get from Point A to Point B on a project.

This is at Brann's for dinner this past Sunday night:) There was a wonderful breeze on the was a great dinner! their Alaskan crab dip!!!

Steve &'em:)

Garret takin' a ride:) Love this pic!

Now this is one of my favorite pics of Gage...he is so good with younger kids...and Abby is just the most adorable...see her BIG cast on her LITTLE leg...she's doing much better now! Yeaaa:)

Scott and Abby are the coolest:)

I love Gage's smile:)!

I also love Garret's smile:)! These two boys light up my face every time I see them!!

Now this is the way to watch a summer movie:) We actually left basically right at the beginning of this movie, but then Steve, boys and I watched it at home this past Saturday was pretty darn funny and I completely recommend it - Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2! Seriously cute:) Too bad pic is blurry:(

Some of our skies lately have been pretty cool...

...some more sky.

My red pepper plant is doing so amazingly well...2 years since Chris gave it to me...they keep turning red and then I love putting them in my salad, in my lasanga...anything!

My cherry tomato plant is on the left and the green pepper plant is on the right...I'm getting quite a few cherry tomatoes and only 2 green peppers, but there are more coming out!! 🙂

Up close and personal:) Soon to be picked!

Until next time:D




One Response to “More Summer Fun…”

  1. cyndi white August 9, 2011 at 7:44 am #

    Sarah….great pics….and you are right, the smiles that those boys have are awesome! And Gage is remarkable with younger children! They are so attracted to him, and he has wonderful patience with them. And Garret, what can I say…..pure entertainment! Love those 2!

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