A Spattering of Summer Fun:)

5 Aug

Baby rabbits were born in our yard while we were away in FL...

This peaked Gracie's interest every day for 2 weeks straight...oh how she wanted to be able to play with them...they grew up and left as soon as they could once they realized us and the dogs (Gracie) were back:)

Pig roasts are a must in the summer! Our wonderful friends the Swope's opened up their lovely home on the lake and had a slew of friends over! Adam here is getting pig ready to serve! Yea!!! Great memories...

...of Matt in his apron LOL:D! ...of Scott who loves MI football as much as my dad which is hard to do:)

I always love the scene where the chairs overlook the water and women talk about the latest - the latest on kids, work, friends, family, well, you know...just life!

Boat activities are a must in summer...

...all type of boats:)

Fire pits are to be enjoyed...always a gathering place!

I love families getting together...

...kids getting together to play backyard games (and my hubby helping) 🙂

Now bean bag toss is always a favorite in the summer (and soon at tailgating! Yea!!) 🙂

More playing:)

I love beautiful sunsets in summer! Well, I love beautiful sunsets any season!!!

Friends, friends, friends:) Love the cowboy hat, Matt!

And more friends...interesting friends who love interesting hobbies - can I say, "Mountain Biking" 🙂

Fireworks!!! Come on now...who doesn't love the 4th?! Ok, my little Gracie loves the 4th, but not the BOOMS!

This display has always been my favorite! I always have (and still do) call them Willow trees...which in fact we had a Willow tree in our backyard growing up and that was used as a fort, a cool place to hide from the sun...my favorite tree!

Some are louder than others! BA-BOOOM!!! (That's one of my favorite words lately (shrug)...yea, I just like the sound of it especially if you emphasize the first syllable:)

You can't do summer without attending a parade...

...I've always loved the horses...

...this one had a Jeep...we love the VETERANS!!!

Cool Jeep...!

Check out the back tire on this Jeep:)

This parade had many, many tractors...green tractors...

...red tractors...

...beautiful tractors...

...newer tractor...

...older tractor...

...and a very new tractor!

I just love old cars!! My parents always took us to old car shows...loved that! Can you believe it?! I still haven't been to the Gilmore Car Museum here! I would love it I know...hey, Ma and Pa, when you're here next we'll have to check it out:)

Did I just shudder? What's THAT coming down the way?! Close your eyes!!!!...

OH KNOW!!! IT IS A SCARY CLOWN! No, no folks...clowns are not funny or cute - don't say that! They're ALL SCARY! Like I cry when I see them...even at 34 I just pointed the camera in his direction w/o directly looking...clowns NEVER NEED BE PART OF SUMMER! Sorry, Clowns...well, no I'm not sorry for that:( SEE!! Even when I tried to upload this photo my computer got scared and the pic didn't show up (honestly, for real, that is not me...that's how scary they are - they even scare computers - objects that shouldn't "feel") 😉

Hey now! This is a pleasant site for sore eyes! It's the boys:) Yes, they walked with Kris and Mike's church...lovely, sweet people go to that church:)

Like these people:)

Mike's driving the truck:) With cotton balls in his ears cause the music is so loud!

Garret pulled the wagon with the candy:)

I love gardens in the summer! This particular one is...

...at an old church in Schoolcraft...love it! I need to take pics of old churches I think - in all seasons!

Summer's not over yet!!!, but is anybody ready for some...



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