A little more Florida:)

2 Jul

Garret was so patient as we were on our way to Universal...see, he wanted to go to Disney World real bad...his first pick, but we pulled out pieces of paper out of bowl to see what order we would go to the parks. Wouldn't you know? Universal was first, SeaWorld the next, and then Disney World:)

My hot husband, literally and figuratively:) at Universal...we really had beautiful weather this whole trip with rain only briefly at Disney World in the afternoon and then the night before we left we had an amazing lightening storm.

The skies were impressive nearly every early evening...just spectacular!!

Did you hear me?! Beyond impressive...another thing that was impressive was...

...was this bamboo tree stuff...this was buy our pool...cute pic of Gage, Presley and Steve...the stuff was so tall and thick! I want Presley's sandals:) So cute!

A man made impressive sight was this! The Harry Potter castle...the best rollercoaster ride is in there which we all road 3 times right in a row! It was truly one of the only things I've seen that made the movies come alive!

Is it just me or does Garret resemble Harry Potter? Just a little? 🙂 They actually have the whole town built here!

They have the train...:) "Gage, smile" 🙂

The detail was amazing...you could even go...

...inside the building's in the Harry Potter village...I know it has a name, but I can't remember it for the life of me:)

They even had that weird hairy book that has a monster mouth...of course, in a cage so it didn't get you...it really moved in that cage!

The kids in front of the Harry Potter ride...the entrance of the school Hogwart's..."Gage, seriously, smile!" Nope, he just really didn't til basically he got off this ride...he was hot and a tad scared of not knowing what this ride would be like. It ended up being the kid's favorite:)

When we weren't at the parks we were at our place which had paddleboats, putt-putt, shuffle-board, 3 pools, and big bike things you could ride.

Now, this is the Gage I know and love! I wish I had video of this, but here was Gage and Presley walking to the Jaws ride and they were playing this Oldies song and Gage started swinging his arms and bebopping to the music...it was so spontaneous and cute! I loved it:) It's one of my favorite shots because I can hear the music playing in my head and the kids just look so cute - cousins walking to the music:)

I have to tell you...the water felt so good when swimming...it was refreshing and fun:)

After this trip I think Presley is part mermaid, part human:) She never got tired of swimming and I was so impressed at how unshy she was to go and play water volleyball with strangers! Literally, she was so happy to swim, swim, swim!! It was cute to see:) That's the back of her head basically center of shot.

I end with this shot today:) Gage dancing with this gator...I think dancing is in Gage's blood:) I cannot wait to post a video of him I have jammin' to the poolside DJ at our hotel...beyond cute and I got Presley in the video too:) This gator was in one of those touristy trinket stores which I think the kids loved more than the parks we went to - LOL:D

More later…have a beautiful 4th of July weekend, Everyone:)



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