Girls on the Run!

3 Jun

So, last Thursday Presley participated in the Girls on the Run 5k after 10 weeks of meeting each week with her GontheR group…Barb assisted the coach each week…

...and she encouraged the girls on the day of, as well as, being one of the best cheerleaders for each girl who ran:) Here the whole stadium warmed up together.

This was the amazing view of the whole field with the large number of girls as I walked up to the stadium… was pretty neat seeing this many girls get in one place to run:)

How am I going to find Presley and Barb?!

Oh, yes, thank goodness for cellphones:)

There she is:)

Presley also got into the groove of warming up:) They really did play some fun music that was filtered throughout the stadium!

The sky was looking nasty this day, so, the stands were not as full as maybe they would be on a sunny day, but I was able to get a pic of Shari and Della (sorry if spelled wrong). For those of you who don't know who read this, Shari is Presley's mom and Della is her other grandma:) You can never have too many people cheering you on when you run! They are right in middle of this pic in stands...Shari left in brown and Della right in blue.

...Aaaaannnnddd they're offfff!" 🙂's packed in the beginning of the race and Presley and her friend are feeling can feel the adrenaline pumping in the air! Each girl is #1!!!

...the girls pull ahead:)...

...this is the street I lost the girls on...pretty early...I took this shot and BAM! they were gone...they are in the foreground...

...and then the skies let rained, was blowing, and I had to put my camera away lest I ruin it...I must have snapped this as I was putting it in a plastic bag I had brought with me in anticipation of this:)

So, I finished running the 5k and was able to get a shot of the girls crossing the finish line! They did AWESOME!!! You go, Presley!!!

They were wet and cold, but to be honest I really don’t think girls 12 and under feel the cold like us adults do LOL:D

So, here's to Presley and Barb for completing the season of Girls on the Run!!! You truly rock!!! And, if you notice there were smiles before the race (this was taken before) and you saw Presley smiling at the Finish Line...that's what it's all about...smiling, feeling good, and knowing you worked at accomplishing a HUGE goal!!!

And, I felt good running too...the rain, the cold - it doesn't stop the feeling of feeling good after a run! 🙂


One Response to “Girls on the Run!”

  1. Mom June 3, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    You always do such a wonderful job and tell the story perfectly in words and pics. Thanks for being there with us and for us.

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