Michigan Weather For You…

27 Apr

So, on Monday, the 16th, if I have the date correct we had this in our yard…


And more snow…

...getting ready to go to work...light coming up...

And, then I was off…

...to work.

And, today, only a week or so later…we have had Tornado Warnings and Watches in and near our area…check these pics out…

Really beautiful with a ominous feel!

Spooky!! Wind was blowing pretty good but was moving NorthEast from us basically at the time. As I'm posting this though sirens just went off, but think we'll be ok in our immediate area. Ok...they just stopped!

Here are some more shots…I saw lightening but never got those shots.

This is left of our house...facing west...

Another beautiful shot, but you could hear some thunder!

This was the radar for us as I was going in and out taking pictures-EEEK!!

More sun but still dark clouds...it was like this - ever changing every 5 minutes...

Kind of the same shot as one above, but really just beautiful.

...then it turned to this again.

At any rate, we really missed the hail, which others got around us, and no tornado actually hit, so, I am thankful…we do have the tornado watch through 10:00 PM.  I’m praying that it will not come to that for anyone!


One Response to “Michigan Weather For You…”

  1. d. strouse April 27, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    Great shots, Sarah. It sure is crazy, the different weather patterns. We are to have some wild weather in our area tomorrow. Praying all stays well for you tonight:)

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