All in one day…

12 Apr

Yesterday was beyond beautiful…84 degrees – actually HOT!  This is summary of day w/o the details:)

Looks like I'm in Nebraska, but noooo just headin' up US31 to..., Grand Haven...

...beyond a perfect day to do a little sightseeing...windy though, and this is the state park's ALL no blockage...not sure if I'd camp here...need a little more trees and such for me, but it gets packed in summer...

...this is driving away out of the downtown and campground can see the waves rolling...all be it blurry as I'm driving...

...this is like one of my favorite houses as your driving out of the beach area...they have great view of the big lake, but I'm sure the traffic is a bear as this road is your direct link to US 31.

Real's a clearer picture of beach...lots of sand before the water.

This is the opposite of the beach in Grand Haven...hills with houses and rentals...lots of sand blows this way:)

So, I got home after enjoying the beautiful morning...and spent some time getting some Vitamin D with my lovely friends, Amanda and Jill, with their kiddies:)

Are they not so cute? 🙂

...then Denver hogged the TV...

...watching The Masters:) Ignore the stinkin' white cord of lights around the garland...usually have green wire with the lights)...

...then we ended the night with a little game of (sp?) Batchi Ball...however you spell that:)

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day as well…cheers to many more to come:)  Took like so many pictures of the day, but too tired to post them:)


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