Wipeout – Schwany Style

15 Mar

So, while Gage and Steve read a book for school, Garret and I went outside to rollerblade…no pics because I wasn’t thinking to have it out at the time:(  We had fun and Garret is really great on wheels – and loves when I chase him…he pretended we were in the Star Wars race in Episode 1 through the place that looks like your in Arizona/Utah/pick one of those western desert states – it’s actually one of my favorite parts in those movies…he always says he’s in the green one, I’m in the blue and Darlene (my mom) is the purple one…:)

Then Gage came out after he was done with Steve…he built this:

And, the Wipeout Schwany Show starts:) Not, Gage...not Garret...ME! Steve's getting rollerblades next so we can all do it together - wait til I get pictures of him on the stilts though:D Cute:) Those blue saucers...yea, really close together and the sides of the track he built are way close:) Rollerblading has always been my thing so it's fun showing Gage and Garret how to get a little extreme...we're starting out small and working our way up. You need wrist guards and knee pads and you're all set to get them started:) They love it!


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