Cutest depiction of true JOY!

1 Mar

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!


So, when I saw this picture of Walker just this past week, I literally couldn’t get over how his little face looked in this pic as it so illustrated to me the pure joy of having received this precious little fireman hat and jacket…it made think, “What’s the greatest gift I’ve received?”…and, yes, I’ve received some pretty awesome earthly gifts thanks to family and friends, but the ultimate is the gift of receiving Jesus into my heart at a young age…then that prompted me to ask myself, “Do I still get that excited about that one gift that is so precious?”…we get caught up into every day life, into thoughts of, “Yea, I’m doing ok for myself”, or “Geesh, this day stinks”, etc. that we sometimes lose the JOY of knowing we have that gift that is ETERNAL!  Let’s STOP and rest in the JOY of this awesome gift!  If you haven’t received it – ASK for it – it’s FREE!


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