Another Trip to OH:)

20 Feb

So, I left Friday morning for another trip to OH…it was so wonderful seeing my family again, and I got to spend some good quality time Saturday during the day with my little Walker and Millie:)  My trip was cut short as bad weather was moving in, and thank you to my family and friends who texted or called me to give me the heads up…because of that I came home late last night…thankfully, because as I look at the radar this morning I’d be driving all the way home in it.  I was so sad to cut my trip short though because I missed Walker’s birthday party last night with his cousin Jane.  Sorry guys!!! 😦  Here are some pics from the time I did get to share with them though…

Walker checking out his two Matchbox cars I got him...:)

...he liked putting them in his racetrack:)

Love you, Walker!

I asked him to show me his muscles and he did...I love it:)

Then I started taking pictures of Millie...she started to smile and Walker was like I can smile too, so,... started like this...

...then we said, "Smile big", and we got this...:)...


...and this...

...and this...

...then this...:)

...and this...I loved how his one eye would close:)...

...and finally this:)

Then I got a group shot:)

Just Millie and Me:)

I still had given Walker or Millie their Christmas presents, so, we did that...he's so cute when he opens presents:)

He loved his Big Brother shirt though he'll have to grow into a bit...I swear I didn't buy it because it was MI colors (wink, wink) 🙂

He loved his MI Bear puzzle...thank you, Barb:) She knows we have to get a little MI influence into his blood young too:) Sorry, Amy:)

He loved his stacking blocks:)

But, most importantly, he loved going through my purse (hehe) 😀 I'm the one who actually started the whole thing, but those of you who know me, well, you purses are big and hold many things that kids would love to get their hands on, so, that provided a good source of entertainment for Walker...he looked at me like, "Am I really allowed to play with all this stuff?"...bad influence I am:)

After he took out every tissue out of their package, smelled my perfume, checked out the make-up, played with my phone, found out how to do a slideshow on my camera, opened all the highlighters, and read my Bible he gave me…

...he gave me "Thumbs Up" (which he does as fingers up) - Loved It! 🙂

To say the least my time with my nephew and niece was precious and I love them dearly:)



One Response to “Another Trip to OH:)”

  1. d. strouse February 21, 2011 at 3:56 am #

    Some of this had me cracking up!! Love the pics and love my whole family:)

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