Garret and His Glasses…

1 Feb

Here's the handsome guy...he looks very GQ:) You can't tell in pic but there is a little blue in the frames and he actually doesn't seem to mind wearing them - partly age I think and partly because he can see and Steve let him pick them out, so, he feels like he has a little more "ownership" over them - he likes to be a little independent like any other kid...his right eye is soooooo bad, so, I'm excited to know that this will help him! 🙂

So, Garret has never wanted to wear his other glasses he was prescribed.  When Steve took him in for another eye exam this year the new doctor said that was probably because the other doctor had tried to correct his vision in his right eye 100% all at once, which can cause the headaches, etc….and with Garret not completely being able to exactly express what he was feeling when he wore them it really bothered him.

Well, this time, he picked out his own glasses and when he put his new prescription on Steve told me he looked around and said, “Wow!”…he’s been saying “Wow” all last night to seeing things…he hasn’t really complained about wearing them either.  The doc was really good at explaining why he needs to wear them.  He knows he can only take them off for bed…


One Response to “Garret and His Glasses…”

  1. d. strouse February 6, 2011 at 2:59 am #

    Garret, we really like your new glasses. You picked out the best ones, you look great in them:)

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