Gage, the Chef! :)

1 Feb

Gage came home one night last week and wanted to make dinner…his first suggestion was spaghetti tacos…he saw this on iCarly.  I thought, well, I love creative thinking and creating food can be like art…but, no:)

So, this is the other taco idea…

First, he wanted bacon for his dish…

...probably one of Gage's favorite foods...we make it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 or so minutes depending on how you like it...thank you, Todd R., for that idea as it saves such a mess!

He also took a piece and cooked it in the microwave…

...for Denver! 🙂

Then, he took two cans of canned chicken, 1 can of refried beans, and some green olives, and some of Steve and I’s favorite seasoning (thank you, Kevin and Melissa, for that – it’s the best!)…

...doesn't look so pretty, but I could see that it miggghhhht just not taste that bad...

…and other than a little mishap with the refried bean can…

...he opened the can so well, with only a little help from me getting it started, but then when he went to throw it away he cut his finger on the lid of the can. He turned out ok:)

Steve came home at the perfect time…

...and he took a picture of us...

…then Gage prepared the food… first lay the bacon in taco shell...then you put the mixture of stuff on top...

…and it really was good!!!! Steve, I and Gage all ate it…Garret not so much:D

Happy Campers:)


One Response to “Gage, the Chef! :)”

  1. d. strouse February 6, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    Gage, this looks good, I’ll have to try it:) I love how you are always trying new things!

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