Day’s 3 & 4…Whitefish Point and We Made it Home!

18 Jan

So, yesterday we headed up to Whitefish Point, only 10 miles N of our cabin…the wind was incredible, the air cold which made my hands freeze, so, I didn’t take a ton of pics…like, I felt like my fingers were going to freeze off as soon as they hit air…the boys loved this spot though as we had the lighthouse and tons of ice and waves:)

Beautiful Morning - Day 3 - Looking outside of our cabin window drinking coffee...

...this is looking the other way...this is basically in direction of Whitefish Point...our footprints are plastered around the cabin:)

...the beautiful drive to Whitefish Point...I would love a cabin off this road...seriously, maybe some day...

...our first glimpse of the lighthouse tower:)

Walking under the snow fences to walk around the the warmer months you can go into the lighthouse and visit an on-site museum...I believe you can even stay overnight there at times...the water is directly to our right at this picture...

...but first the boys see a HUGE thing that is from a that an udder, an utter, well, you know what I mean:)

For some reason, I haven’t been able to rotate my pics lately…oh well, anyways…off to the point…

...walking down the deck steps to the beach....a little gray out at the point...

Gage stood at the end of one of the ice chunks and thought he was from Titanic with his arms out! Both boys were great with listening about where they could go near the water...I was very proud of them for listening so well.

...I got closer to the water but not as close as the guys:) Leeettle sceeeerd:)

The waves were crashing like crazy! Garret can't wait to show his teacher these waves he told me:) You could sense the powerfulness of the water with these waves and such...

...more waves...we were actually further from them than the pic shows...if you got wet with this you would have frozen on the spot!

You could see the line of snow falling over the water...

...the cool view of the lighthouse from the beach...

...a nice couple took our pic for us and got a wave in the this point I started really fighting a cold...still am as I blog this from home right now...but there was no way I'm missing the adventures!

...then after we had enough of the wind we headed back to the Jeep and the sun began to shine magnificently...look at the view now!

So, the rest of Day 3, we watched movies, some more football, played on the ice outside of our cabin, and I rested like big time because, like I said, I started fighting this miserable head cold…it felt better just being in a cozy cabin though if I was going to have a terrible cold…

Day 3, nice little excursion, with a lot of fun, and for me rest:)  So, this morning we sadly woke up knowing we were leaving…we all want a cabin up north some day, and we’re going to go back in the warmer weather to experience more of the great outdoors up there!

We said good bye to the Mighty Mac this morning…

...and I didn't scream once because I felt that miserable...I think the guys were happy about that;)

Signing off…going to bed even though it’s not even 7pm…


Sick but Happy (happy with lots of new memories)


One Response to “Day’s 3 & 4…Whitefish Point and We Made it Home!”

  1. d. strouse January 18, 2011 at 8:33 am #

    Steve, it’s like your mom said, it was like being on the trip with you all! We are glad you made it home safe:) Enjoyed the last day pics and desire to back there sometime, too:) Thanks for sharing the trip, looked forward to it everyday!

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