Another fun experiment:)

8 Jan

This is another fun experiment or just fun things for kids to do…WARNING!  It can be messy (but not over the top messy), but it should be noted more so that it could stain your tabletop if you don’t put cardboard underneath (not just paper)…so, to begin you need tissues, hand sanitzer, food coloring, markers, tape, white paper.

You lay the tissue down, pour a fair amount of hand sanitizer in the middle of the tissue, gather the edges up and tape around that so the hand sanitizer sits like in a ball at the bottom…then you either take a marker and color the white paper in a small to medium spot until there is a lot of ink soaking into the paper…then take the ball of sanitizer in tissue and set on top of marker color spot and the hand sanitizer will soak up the color and then stay that color:)  It’s pretty cool…you can also put food coloring in a bowl and then just gently set that ball of hand sanitizer on top of the food coloring and, again, it soaks it up.

Gage actually saw this at school and we recreated together:)


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