Fishing Must Run in the Blood:)

21 Dec
My grandpa, my mom’s dad, loved fishing…my mom has always loved fishing, and my dad for the last few years has been into it big time…my brother enjoys it…here are some fun fishing memories:)  I have quite a few more, but just not electronically…I’ll have to scan them:)

Pa caught this big one in OH:)


Fishing in IN with great friends:)

Nick and Kyle in IN:)

Pa and Russ fishing in OH on the Scioto River (if I spelled right) 🙂

Ok, this isn't real fishing and not a fishing memory yet, but Steve and I want to take the boys ice fishing like Grumpy Old Men:) Gotta get me one of the shanty's!!!

One of my favorite pics:)

Can't remember where this was...

Love our boat! The Guys gettin' together to go fishing:) and Denver!


One Response to “Fishing Must Run in the Blood:)”

  1. d. strouse December 21, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    Yes, you are right, that my dad loved fishing and so do I:) It’s neat now that Pa likes it so much and you and Russell! That is a big fish you caught! Gage is a natural:) The one with Pa, Steve, Gage, and Denver is one of my favorites of them:) The one with Pa and Russell is one that is special, also:)

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