Lord of the Rings…way cool!

16 Dec

Hi All,  The boys were fortunate enough to have a family member who gave them the coolest Lord of the Rings figurines…this guy below is Gage’s favorite…though he wanted to take it to Daycare I said no because it was sure to get smooshed in his book bag or something, so, I promised him I would post the pics and then print them out so he could bring the pics to show people…here they are:)

This figure is also my favorite...he's the tree who carried two of the Hobbits in the movie.

Same guy...different position...

The tree guy is holding an org...close-up next...

Even though the Org’s creep me out, I allow these because they are definitely just bad guys, and in the movie they aren’t glorified in anyway…ok, here’s a close-up…

yea, not my favorite guy, but I really like the Lord of the Rings movies...they are so detailed...I don't know...some of the Sci-Fi stuff or Fantesy I like, but very selective...this is one of them.


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