…what girls like…

5 Dec

…we love to be pampered, and that means this…

Cute Amanda...after getting her "hair did" 🙂

Amanda and Amanda…two peas in a pod:)  They can braid and do amazing things to your hair if you ask…just going to a salon and having your hair washed makes us feel pampered…

...these two know how to get pampered and do the pampering too!!

Pampering includes pedicures…

...Amanda S. can do an amazing job when doing a pedicure...she goes all out! You can't quite tell, but she has painted puppy paws on my toes:) Before , this she massaged my feet, soaked my feet in warm water with orange and lemon peels with marbles at the bottom to help massage...A-MA-ZING!

...this pic you maybe able to see the puppy paws more clearly...

…pampering for girls though includes the above, PLUS, manicures, massages, letting us sit in our most comfy chair while the significant other picks up the house while we read a book or watch our favorite TV show, when the significant other brings us a nice cozy beverage, picks up the kids from school/daycare, goes grocery shopping, picks us up a hot pumpkin spice cappachino for us on a cold winter’s day…well, the list could go on:)

Guys, don’t forget to do those little things for your pretty ladies…it’ll go along ways and adds up huge in our eyes…way more than a diamond…weeeeelll, if you’re thinking of purchasing us a diamond you go right away and do that…:D

Thank you, Steve, for doing all those things above (besides a mani or pedi – I just can’t see you doing that to me…:)  I wouldn’t wantchya  to 😀

Handsome Steve:)


One Response to “…what girls like…”

  1. d. strouse December 8, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    Good pic, Steve:)

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