Do you love, Rudolph?!

1 Dec

So, tonight, Gage, Steve and I watched Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer:)  Garret checked it out, but watched other movies he deemed more important, like Tarzan…to each his own and totally ok:)

The Christmas lights were on…and only Christmas lights…

...small Christmas tree this year as we have so much going on and if we put up the big one there is so much to take down, but this really works out great this year!

We set up blankets and pillows on the floor…Gage and Gracie all set:)

Little dark, but cute pic:)

Steve and I then, after making hot chocolate and popcorn, watched the movie with Gage…we were on either side of him, but I have no pic as we delved right into the popcorn and the movie started…

Gage was all comfort...

Who doesn’t love watching Rudolph around the holidays?

Monday night Gage also had his Christmas school program…here’s a couple of pics…

Gage is in center as the kids start filling in...he is facing left...

Gage was so into the program this year…he did all of the hand motions and wasn’t even shy!

Far away shot, but such a cute program...Gage was a bear...other kids were bears and bees...the programs was Share Bears...songs were cute and Garret said, "It was awesome!".

Then as we were leaving program we saw the little village of Vicksburg and their lights are stupendous this year…we are going to go out with boys when it snows and take better pics…Happy Soon To Be Christmas, Every One!

Vicksburg really knows how to do lights this year!

Wait til the snow falls and I take better pics!

I was in motion when taking this pic:)

…Steve, boys, and I will be here taking pics…they will be beautiful I promise as I’m figuring out my camera!


One Response to “Do you love, Rudolph?!”

  1. d. strouse December 2, 2010 at 9:29 am #

    What a beautiful tree!! I know what you mean about scaling down this year. But is it very nice. Sounds like you had fun watching the show:) Gage, it looks like you did a great job with your play at school:)
    Love you all,

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